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Marketing a small hotel is a difficult task; after all, you’re up against major chain hotels with national and worldwide brand awareness, not to mention big-budget professional marketing teams.
However, small boutique hotels have a distinct advantage over larger chains that larger chains just cannot match — they are one-of-a-kind.
To thrive, small hotel marketing must focus on their own brand essence — the areas in which they differ from established companies. Your competitive advantage is your uniqueness, your means of luring guests away from the same old hotel experience by delivering something fresh and interesting.

♦ Concentrate on what makes your hotel authentic and one-of-a-kind.
→ Is it your commitment to environmental stewardship and green design? 
→ Your chef-led establishment specializing on regional cuisine? 
→ What about your location or amenities? 
→ That your hotel is steeped in the culture of the area? 
Today’s tourists want more than simply place to stay; they want genuine and engaging experience that immerses them in the local culture, provides them access to an aspirational lifestyle

Think Differently About Digital

→ Digitalisation has permeated every part of our lives; it is how we interact, find events, plan our next vacations, and study products and services.

The M.I.C.E Maker  provides the most effective way of marketing. 

♦ Get Involved in Your Community 

Concentrate on networking within your community in order to collaborate with other businesses that share your beliefs and where you can cross-promote services for mutual gain. Using local suppliers for toiletries, food and beverage supplies, bedding and décor, or offering local companies discounts for organizing events at your venue are examples of this.



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