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Featured — September 21, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Emerging Meeting Cities

A substantial number of the world’s hidden treasures are making their national debut at a time when the meeting industry is thriving. Taking a recurrent gathering to a different place than the regular venue is an exceptional way to resurrect it. While the surrounding urban towns may not immediately spring to mind, they are gradually making their way into the event organizers’ event scene, thanks to eye – catching accommodations, exploding culinary scenes, and activities for your attendees.

Baltimore, Maryland USA

A wave of Millennials and a flurry of new construction have propelled Baltimore into a welcome state of urban rebirth. New food halls, chef-driven restaurants, breweries, and shops are transforming this ancient city into a fascinating destination to visit.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, known for its futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, is also gastronomic and cultural hotspot where incentive groups can immerse themselves in the Spanish way of life and enjoy unique event spaces. 
Valencia has tremendous potential for tailored experiences, such as the Rooftop Gastronomic Experience, an exclusive dinner party on one of the city’s numerous rooftop locations, or tour of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia opera house, one of the world’s most famous structures.

Mucat, Oman

Oman, which is ideally positioned in the heart of the Middle East, is relatively new addition to the meetings globe. 
Large government efforts in recent years have highlighted the country’s landscape, climate, and rich history to the rest of the globe. 
There has been significant improvement in infrastructure, including renovations to highways and airports. 

Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is recognized as an industrial pioneer, with government-backed meetings and tourist business. 
The country has rich historical culture that it is anxious to display, and its advantageous position, spanning Eastern Europe and Western Asia, makes it not just an accessible but also desired destination. 
Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, has witnessed considerable infrastructural expansion in recent years. 
Since 2011, slew of luxury hotels have sprouted up across the city. 
With the most recent development, Hilton, Marriott, and Fairmont all have presence in this market.
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