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Featured — August 19, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Wonderful Vow Renewal Ideas


Although your wedding day with your spouse will only happen once, your relationship will last a lifetime, so celebrate your commitment with a party! Celebrate your love with a vow renewal ceremony on your next anniversary – or perhaps Valentine’s Day. You have the option of re-creating your wedding in a low-key manner or going all out with the celebrations. You may also customize these vow renewal ideas to fit you and your partner’s preferences. Whatever path you choose, you can expect a memorable ceremony that reflects your personalities as a couple.

1. Write new vows

To add a personal touch to their wedding ceremony, many couples are writing their own vows these days. Let’s face it: if you were married before you heard about this trend, your wedding vows may seem old and unimaginative. Or they may just no longer represent your ideals as a pair. So, during your renewal ceremony, create some new ones that speak to who you are.

2. Enjoy a destination ceremony

Because of the exorbitant expense, you may have been unable to have the destination wedding of your dreams.  It’s also challenging to get everyone to show up.  Fortunately, you may have “redo”  with a small group of people by having destination vow renewal ceremony with limited number of guests!  Invite a small group of your closest friends and family to visit you on a tropical Island or in another country. If you are prepared to be flexible with your trip dates, you might be able to get some good deals on plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Make a reservation at the ideal vow renewal location. The Booking MICE Platform is the simplest method to reserve the ideal ceremony location. Today, take advantage of the largest location library and hassle-free reservations.

3. Look for an unique spot

Choose a venue for your vow renewal celebration or ceremony, and then add any features you like for your special day. You may let your creativity run wild when booking a venue on Mice Maker. With Mice Maker by your side, you’re effectively your own event organizer in the most straightforward way imaginable!

4Employ a team of a band or a DJ

Nothing beats live music for setting the tone. The entertainment for your vow renewal ceremony is just as essential as it was on your wedding day, especially if it’s part of your anniversary party.

Make sure to reserve large location on the  Booking MICE Platform so that you and your guests have plenty of room to dance!


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