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Featured — August 16, 2021 at 1:02 pm

Hotel Manager Tips: How to Influence a Planner’s Venue Selection

Meeting and event planners are extremely busy — and they’re just getting busier. According to the 2019 PSP, 37% of planners polled plan 50 or more events each year. They’re in charge of more events with more people in attendance – and more expenditures. These event planners have more responsibilities, therefore they demand more from hoteliers and venues. This is because, despite the increased workloads, there is no room for quality to suffer. Planners are still under pressure to make every event memorable and profitable.


You should know the following hotel manager tips: 

  1. Start with cost, then win with space and layout.

When choosing a site, event planners consider a variety of factors, including cost. The arrangement of the event area is just as essential as the venue price. In fact, according to Cvent’s study, 45 percent of planners see each of these characteristics as the most important aspect in determining who gets their business. Planners are concerned about their budget at this point, but they also want a location that would provide a memorable experience for attendees.

  1. Your venue’s location should be highlighted.

The competition for group business is already fierce, and it’s only going to grow more so. A hotel no longer competes exclusively with other venues in its city, as new hotels are built and conference planners cast a broader regional net when seeking locations. The challenge has now expanded to include people from all across the world.

  1. Build relationships while providing a simple booking experience.

Securing group business — and establishing yourself up for recurring business — requires perfecting the booking process and nailing the planner experience.It’s in your best interests to make every encounter with planners as professional as possible, and to make every stage of the sourcing process as simple and painless as possible. Demonstrating that you are an important and vital partner in their event might be the extra push the planner needs to pick your location, whether for the first time or for the second time.

The Bottom Line:

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