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Featured — August 9, 2021 at 10:58 am

4 ideas for an incredible solo trip

Travel has been put on hold all around the world. However, as the possibility of traveling the world once again becomes a reality, more travelers are planning solo vacations. We’ve put together a list of the finest travel advice, as well as some inspiring places, to help travelers make the most of their alone time.




Eat like a local – Bangkok, Thailand


Many gourmet base their travels entirely on the cuisine available, but for solo travelers, the prospect of securing a seat in a restaurant might be intimidating. Fortunately, street cuisine is created for singles, and there is no better place to discover it than Bangkok. Its streets are thronged with street sellers selling delicacies to be savored one taste at a time. Find your feet at the Old Capital Bike Inn for a gastronomic experience, then embark on the quest for local delicacies like spicy papaya salad or the world-famous Pad Thai noodles.





Get off the beaten track – Chajari, Argentina 


One of the most appealing aspects of traveling solo is the freedom to do exactly what you want. Why not choose the route less traveled with all that freedom? Chajar is a hidden treasure in the north-east of Entre Ros province, where you may explore the lush greenery of the South American countryside. Along the trip, you’ll encounter a lot of pleasant people, notably at the hotel Estancia La Violeta. Allow your new friends to show you around their neighborhood – there’s nothing like a local guide to show you around the places that aren’t frequented by tourists.







Unearth the city – Porto, Portugal 


A brief city retreat may be just as gratifying as a long solo journey to the summit of a mountain.  With warm sun, delicious food, and a fair amount of hustle and bustle, Porto is a great weekend escape. The country’s second largest city is known for producing port wine, but it also offers enough culture to attract even the most discriminating tourist. To get a true sense of Porto, take a stroll along the Douro River or walk through the ancient town. Find your zen at Wonderful Porto Design Apartments after a long day of roaming – the view from the patio is very relaxing.




Do something unforgettable, Reykjavik, Iceland

 Reykjavik attracts visitors from all over the world who wish to immerse themselves in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Iceland has plenty with activities that would please any adventure-hungry globetrotter, whether it’s to view the rare northern lights or go whale watching. Remember to bring your camera since you’ll want to recall every moment once you get home. CenterSpot Apartments is located in the heart of Reykjavik, and its light, airy apartments are perfectly suited for a restful night’s sleep after a day of exploring the outdoors.







When traveling alone, comfort is essential, so do your research before choosing your home away from home. 
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