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Featured — October 19, 2020 at 10:19 am

Personalizing the Work from Home Experience

If there has ever been a time where people are struggling with the lack of human interaction, this is it. Lately we have been isolated and forced to work apart. As an employer this is an unusual situation, especially if you were used to having your staff at the same location, interacting daily. The move to working at home might have some advantages, but the obvious downside is the lack of personal interaction. It has never been more important for your staff to know they are appreciated.

  • Send a Personal Gift: People like to be acknowledged and made to feel special. Now that your staff is at home, they might feel disconnected and more like a machine than a person. It is never a bad idea to send a gift, something to personalize a desk. An item with their name on it, and maybe a brief statement of support. A great place to start your search is here, at https://cmcgold.com.au/, a leading gift supplier with a great range of products, which will really make someone’s day.
  • Know Your Team: It was much easier when you met people at meetings or dropped in at their cubicle, to just treat everyone the same. Office politics tend to cause people to act differently than they do at home anyway. But now that they work from home, take some time to think about the personalities and the interests of your staff. Consider that when you talk to them now you are talking to the home version of that employee, which is a little different. If physical health is worrying you, here are some home workout plan that you might wish to browse.
  • Say More: Digital communication can be incredibly sterile. Without all the non-verbal clues, a text or an email can sound very cold or even sarcastic. There is also an increased likelihood of misunderstanding, especially with texts because people feel the need to be brief. This can lead to mistakes. The cure for this is to say more than you think you need to say. Be specific and include extra details.
  • Bring Family Life into the Conversation: People like to talk about the office. When you work from home, the office is your family. When communicating with people at their homes, try to include questions about the children or the pets. They will appreciate a moment to share and this will make their day that bit more enjoyable, and you should have an informal tone when talking with employees who are at home. Remember to keep abreast of current Covid-19 restrictions with this link.

Working from home is changing the way we do business, there are advantages and disadvantages. But we do need to remember that our staff did not just turn into business machines. They still have feelings and hopes and challenges, and they need to share some of that. They need to feel connected. It is good for mental health and it is good for your company’s production. Make sure to consider how you can personalise the new work situation.

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