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Featured — October 5, 2020 at 4:18 pm

7 tips to simulate a smaller waist

It is said that to achieve a small waist you require an exercise routine and a new diet. However, no one mentioned that fashion could do you this little favor without having to resort to those two options. That’s right, wearing the right clothes will help you simulate a smaller waist.

Wear pants at the waist

why is a pant at the waist going to pretend that it is smaller? Easy! This garment works excellent to emphasize your waist, as it simulates an hourglass figure. In fact, it makes you look curvier even if you are a woman with low hips.

Put a belt over your dress

A very old trick to simulate a small waist and a slimmer body. It is best to put it on a loose dress, because on a tight one it will not make much difference. You can even layer it on top of your long, baggy jacket, cardigan, or jacket.

Wear the blouse inside the bottom garment

Personally, I love how blouses look inside pants or skirts. It has three points in its favor: they make you look taller, slimmer and with a smaller waist. Also, if you apply this trick with high-waited pants (at the waist) you will show off an incredible and slim body. Take advantage of that loose garment or that very long blouse to simulate the much desired wasp waist.

Say “yes” to pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are gorgeous and you should have more than one in your wardrobe. Not only for those looks so formal that you arm with it, but also for casual occasions they are perfect. You will even find pencil skirts with prints and believe me; you are going to fall in love with this garment.

Opt for a wrap dress

A dress that adapts perfectly to the waist, pretending that it is much smaller and more defined. An idea garment for a formal or elegant occasion.

Tie a shirt around your waist

Before it was done because it gave you heat and you hung the garment around your waist so as not to carry it. Now it is used as a piece of the outfit and it looks great. Tie a plaid shirt to your waist and combine the rest of the outfit with a loose blouse and denim shorts. You will have a somewhat rebellious style but, above all, very comfortable.

Choose a dress with side panels

visually it will make you see a smaller waist with a light color in the center of the garment and dark on the sides. Ideal for a formal occasion. Try to combine it with heels and your best accessories.


Still feel like your waist looks big? Maybe you should complement the tips above with an invisible solution, a plus size waist trainer. A waist trainer will make your waist appear slimmer and eliminate those annoying fat textures that can be seen by anyone. You can easily buy a plus size waist trainer that best fits your body measurements online. By purchasing online, you will have more choices.

Hopefully what has been said in this article can be useful.

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