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Health — December 24, 2012 at 12:22 pm

5 Ways to Protect Your Hair During Your Workouts

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Hair Hair Hair (Photo credit: SodanieChea)

There is absolutely no way around the fact that working out is good for you. It burns calories, reduces stress, lifts depression, improves your self-image and helps to keep your heart in tip-top condition. So, when it comes to any reasons that you might be looking for to talk yourself out of exercising, honestly, they aren’t really any that would be good enough

That’s not to say that “sweating it out” doesn’t come with some of its minor inconveniences. Take your hair, for example. If you’re someone who only really has time to work out right before work or during your lunch, you might be hesitant because you’re not sure how to protect your hair so that you can maintain your appearance following it.

We understand and we have five ways for you to be able to keep your hair in good condition as you exercise in order to keep your body in good shape:

Deep condition. Sweat is our body’s form of salt water and if you get too much of that into your hair, overtime, it can make it dry and brittle. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that you deep condition your hair on a regular basis. That way, even when you do exercise, your hair will not be lacking in moisture.

Pull it back. When you’re in the middle of exercising, the last thing that you want is your hair all matted down on your face. You can prevent this by pulling it back into a ponytail or pushing it back into a headband. This not only makes it easier on you, but it can also keep your hair looking relatively presentable so that if you don’t have time to wash your hair following your work out, you can apply some serum to the edges, brush it back and you’re good to go.

Try a leave-in conditioner. If you are able to wash your hair, when it comes time to condition it, opt for a leave-in formula. Not only will it help in preventing dryness, but it’s a simply way to keep your hair smelling fresh too. There are a lot of leave-in conditioners on the market or you can make your own by warming up some coconut oil, combining some apple cider vinegar with distilled water or using a mix of olive oil and Aloe Vera (you can Google the recipes by putting “homemade leave-in conditioners” in the search field).

Do not use hats. Aside from the fact that putting on a baseball cap or some other kind of headwear can make you the ultimate definition of a “hat head”, when your hair is trapped in a hat and you’re sweating, that’s like giving it its own personal sauna (which to the hair is basically a dehydrator). The excessive use of a Chi flat iron can damage your hair. So can lots of body heat over consistent periods of time.

Have it professionally assessed. Stylists are trained to look for any signs of damage. Definitely make it a priority to have your hair checked at least on a quarterly basis so that they can look for split ends or signs of breakage. That way, if there are issues, they can provide a regimen to keep your hair “fit” as you focus on doing the same for your body and its image.

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