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Health — August 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm

No Sleep, No Weight Loss

The subject of sleep disorder is very serious. Insufficient sleep, logically, means that the body has forced its way to a wake-up condition. Wakening up earlier than the body needs to will force the usage of restored energy which is not at its fullest. Sleeping disorder not only affects our daily energy supply, but it also affects our goal Weight Loss.


Every human been has a need of sleep of around 7-8 hours in every 24 hours. The body’s bio-clock naturally works for early morning wake-up and reasonable bed-time at night. If you go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 6 pm, that will cover 8 hours of sleep (give or take few minutes). That schedule is perfect for every sleep, but we all know that is very rear.

Those 8 hours of sleep are sufficient for the body to rest its muscles and regain energy. All those who lift heavy things around during the day, or lift weights in the gym for exercise, 8 hours are enough to restore all the used muscle tissues. It is also sufficient enough to burn fat – Yes, sleeping can and does burn fat.

A study at the University of Chicago showed that people who slept approximately 8, 5 hours a day loss 3 pounds of fat compared to 1 pound of fat of the people who slept approximately 5.5 hours a day. What the body does, when its sleep time is interrupted by the alarm clock on a regular basis, is that it slows down the metabolism, brakes down muscle tissue and crates fat storage.

It is a dynamic life out there – long hours at work; be early at the desk and leave in the evening; partying every weekend till morning and etc. Sleeping is an inevitable necessity. The body needs its rest in order to function as it should be (not just to burn fat).

If you find yourself home at 10 pm and you are not sleepy – try to get to sleep. There are a lot of ways to fall asleep in just a couple of minutes. Reed a book, count sheep or, the sweetest, make love to your love one.

A good sleep burns fat, what it also does is creating fresh energy to the entire body. The bones and muscles are rested, ready to make you proud in the gym.

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