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Motivation — August 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Keep Workout Motivation Levels Up

When it comes to working out in the gym, working out at home or running in the park – motivation is the most important thing. The key of successful exercising is never letting go of the goal you’ve set when you decided the body needs to change. Now exercising is a lot of fun, but as much as it is fun, it can get a lot boring (if you let it). Therefore there are certain things you must do in order to avoid boredom.

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There are a lot of things which can play games with your workout motivation. These things will get you sitting on the couch more frequent than going to the gym. One of the hardest parts in gym exercising is, in fact, entering the gym. People are often terrified by the gym; they think that people are constant in pain when lifting weights. Once you are in the gym and workout around 30 minutes, you’ll see the difference. Make sure your gym is near to your home; that way you can spend less time traveling and more time lifting. If you have a car even better; 2-3 minutes of car ride will keep your body’s heat after the workout.

Exercise what you enjoy the most. There are hundreds of exercises and you are not expected to do them all. Brows around the gym for a workout machine that can suit you; ask the one who works in the gym to tell about easy, medium and hard workouts and etc.

You don’t have to work out in the gym all by yourself. There is no rule stating everyone should workout alone. Working out with a friend at the same time, doing the same exercises and workout routines will keep you motivated all the time. You will assist each other on heavy exercises; motivate each other to push harder; talk about better workout exercises and etc.

Nowadays almost everybody has music on smart phones. Use that music to motivate you when you workout. Make a playlist, put on the headphones and run on the treadmill 9or in the park) Listening to music kills boredom 100% and keeps you motivated 100%. With music in your ears, the workout time will go faster.

Keep track to what you workout. Make a list of the workout programs, the sets and the repetitions. Keep record on how much you lifted and how many time you have repeated a set. Those numbers will tell you the difference from the first time you entered the gym to several months after. Once you see the results on paper, you will know that the results are in the muscles as well. Take pictures of your body in the mirror. Some people take those pictures just to show off, but know that most of them do that in order to compare before and after.

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workout music

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