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Excersise advices — May 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Ab Workout Routine for Women at Gym

Working out the abs in the gym is always a priority number one. Most people visit the gym just for the abs, misled by the fact that in order to lose weight and eliminate the waist fat, you must do ab workouts all the time. Before continuing on with this article, know that ab workouts do play an important role in losing weight, but they cannot do that on their own. Never forget to do cardio workouts, like running, cycling, swimming, basketball, football and etc; they will force the body to sweat and eliminate fat. That combined with ab workouts will deliver the results you want.

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The Ab workout routine for Women at the Gym should be performed after doing some aerobic exercises: running on the treadmill, exercising on the stationary bike and elliptical workout machine, rope jumping, lifting few lighter weights, stretching and etc. The ab workouts in this routing are to be performed with 3 sets and around 25 repetition per set.

Never stick to only one ab exercise; change them after 2-3 weeks; that way the body won’t ‘get bored’ by the same repetitions over and over again. Make the ab muscles work different in different exercises. Variety of movements triggers the entire core muscle group.

Beginners should perform the exercises, at first, with as much as repetitions as they can. Forcing yourself to 25 repetitions will hardly be effective. So, start slowly (with as much as repetitions as you can), and finish strong (performing the entire routine with no problem after several weeks)

The Ab Crunches and Leg Rises exercises are for beginners, as well as for intermediate and advanced levels. They use your own bodyweight and require no assistance from a workout machine or any type of weight.

The Double Crunch, The Bicycle Crunch and the Cross Body Mountain Climbers also don’t use a workout machine and weights, but are for the intermediate and advanced levels. Don’t jump into these exercises at the beginning. Let your body get use to the easier ab exercise and then perform these. They are very effective.

The Exercise Ball Crunch, The Stability Ball Roll and Captain’s Chair Leg Rise are the ones using a Stability Ball and a Captain’s Chair workout machine. They are basically for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The Exercise ball will require some adjustments to it, like learning how to balance it when exercising. The good thing about it is that the balancing of the ball requires the work of the abs, so you get an ab workout ‘in the background’.

Have fun and don’t rush too much. Take your time and the abs will do the rest.

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