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Excersise advices — May 28, 2012 at 2:00 pm

30 minute Workout Plan Routine

When someone tells you that they don’t have time to work out during the day, know that they didn’t even try to work out and see how long it takes them to workout. Working out (lifting dumbbells/barbells, doing pushups, pull-ups and etc) requires nothing more than a total of 30 minutes; not calculating warm up (which takes about 5-10 minutes). With 24 hours of daytime and approximately 8-9 hours of sleep – there is plenty of room for a half-an-hour workout during the rest of the day.

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To plan your 30 minute workout plan routine, first give yourself a 5-10 minute of warming up. Stretching, treadmill running, rope jumping are few of the things which can prepare your body for a 30 minute workout.

In the Gym, 30 minutes of workout should be quite enough for 3 exercises of one muscle group (like chest, back and legs); and 2 exercises for another muscle group (like biceps, triceps and abs). Each exercise should have 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions. Calculating the pauses between sets of about 3-5 minutes, roughly that should complete 30 minutes – more or less.
Sometimes it may take you 45 minutes to finish your workout routine, but that will probably be due to few short contestations in the gym or waiting for a workout machine to be available for workout. Don’t worry, a few minutes plus won’t mix with the entire day’s schedule.

It is recommendable that you have a watch when you workout. Keeping track of time while working out will positively keep track of your workout rhythm. You must look after your pause time, because if it’s too long, the body will lose heat and will require an additional warming up. Every Gym has a clock on the wall (they have too). Keep an eye of it; if your workout routine has passed one hour, that you’ve been working out too long.

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