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Diets, Excersise advices — May 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm

3 Week Workout Plan to Lose Weight

It is possible, don’t be surprised. Normally when it comes to losing weight, people are convinced that it will take them a month or two to get the desired weight; some even think that it is impossible without 6 months of strict diet (without even considering physical exercise). It can be done in just 3 weeks and all it takes is a shift in diet and normal exercising. The 3 week workout plan to lose weight works no matter the age or gender.

fitness workout

The most important thing about this program is the diet. When you start controlling your food intake the body will start “smiling”. When I say controlling your food intake, I mean giving your body healthy food and beverages. Forget fast food dishes and fizzy drinks; alcohol and nicotine is out of the question.

Start by “cleansing” you body with squeezed lemons or oranges. The vitamins will provide you with a good night’s sleep and a fresh morning wake-up. Eat lean meats, vegetables, seafood, seeds, nuts, eggs, and raw fruit. Fresh cooked meals will easily be processed and won’t stay too long in your belly. Deliver your body from heavy chocolate bars; the raw fruit will provide your metabolism with enough natural sugar.

When it comes to workout, if you are visiting the gym on a regular basis, continue to do so. The physical activity will boost your energy and will also be a great “partner-in-crime” in the 3 week workout plan to lose weight. This also goes for those that don’t visit the gym, but enjoy the regular street basketball games with friends, jogging in the park, running on the beach, mountain hiking, bike riding and etc.

If you are not the gym-type person, you can do many exercises at home. The beauty of those exercises is that in most of them you are using your own weight to built muscles and burn fat. A lot of people consider those exercises to be the best in the world. Exercises like Pushups, Pull-ups, Squats, Ab crunches, Glute Kickback and etc.

Feel free to add supplements to your diet, like omega-3 fats, multivitamins or whey protein powders. They will also assist your body in the 3 week workout plan to lose weight.

To help you organize your workout routine, here is a suggestion on how to exercise in a week-time.
Monday: Strength Workout (Pushups, Pull-ups, Squats, Abs)
Tuesday: Cardio Workout (Running, Swimming, Bicycle Riding, Hiking)
Wednesday: Strength Workout
Thursday: Take a day Off
Friday: Cardio Workout
Saturday: Strength Workout
Sunday: Take the day Off.

Make 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions (default). Warm up good for around 10 minutes before exercising and do the exercises approximately from 30 to 35 minutes. Because most of the exercises use body weight, a great result will be achieved when the 3 sets are made with as much as repetitions as possible. Have fun and enjoy your exercise.

fitness workout

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