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Excersise advices — April 23, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Free ab workouts at Home

Why Free? … Because you can do them at home and not pay a dime at all. The beauty of these free ab workouts at home is that they don’t require a lot of space in the living room, bedroom, the balcony, in the back yard, and even in the hall. All they need a reasonable space on the floor and personal determination. They work, they deliver results, they will give you the six-pack edition and help you maintain them for long time. Here they are, the free ab workouts at home

bicycle crunch

Ab Crunches

The Double Crunch


Cross Mountain Climbers

Vertical Leg Rise

The Bicycle Crunch

Leg Rises

Make sure you perform each exercise in 3 sets with 20 -25 repetitions (30 repetitions maximum). When you start feeling that 30 repetitions is too easy, don’t increase the repetitions, increase the exercise by grabbing a medicine ball in your hands or a free weight. The trick is to challenge the ab muscles not to exhaust them with endless repetitions.
Keep a straight back at all times. Know that the abs are those working on a straight back. Inhale when crunching and exhale when you return to initial position. Basically, contract the core musles when performing the crunch or leg rise.

An interesting thing about ab workouts, and a motivational key, is to stand up straight after every set. People have a habit of lying on the floor after every crunch set; that looks and feel lazy. Stand up straight and let the body ‘reset’ itself after the sets. Plus, you’l’ beat the laziness in the workouts.

bicycle crunch

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