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Mind Philosophy — March 12, 2012 at 7:00 pm

5 Natural Energy Sources

The body needs energy in order to produce energy. When people get into a physical recreational activity their body needs to be supplied with enough energy in order to perform without the risk of injury. Beginners often forget that before they start jogging or lifting weights, they should have eaten properly and drink a lot of fluids. So apart from the power bars, energy drinks and etc, here are 5 natural energy sources which will provide you enough energy supply throughout the entire day.

Natural Energy Source


Music is what moves the spirit of the body; melodic sound’s triggers positive aura around the body and creates powerful motivation. When people listen to a certain type of music, they are relaxed, calm and positive. Motivation is easily set into motion when you hear ‘your’ song on the radio. So, listening to music before, during and even after exercising is definitely a source of energy.
Even the sound of your close friends and relatives is capable of activating positive aura. When that happens, research showed, the brain releases Oxytocin, which helps in stress reduction and energy resetting.


A simple touch of soft subjects (like a teddy bear or a pillow) will activate body energy. Similar to the sound of your close relatives and friends, a simple touch or a hug from your loved one will lift the positive aura to its potential and the body will ‘wake up’.


Fresh colors tend to trigger body energy. When people look at things that are colored with Yellow, Violet or Orange color, sub-conscience their body energy is revived. Light colors associate with fresh fruit. Looking at pictures from a summer holiday, a party with your friends and relatives will also be able to lift your energy.


Fresh fruit, menthol and even fresh-cut grass are capable of triggering energy sources in your body. Spring time brings a lot of these fresh smells into the air, so a walk in the park or in the mountains will definitely lift your spirits up.


Fresh smell of fresh fruit means fresh taste. Nothing compares better to a fresh orange, fresh banana or any type of fresh fruit. The fresh taste of food will always be a natural source of energy for a workout exercise. Even people who are not into workout (yet), feel the fresh fountain of energy from the fruit.

Natural Energy Source

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