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Fitness, Health, Motivation — February 22, 2012 at 11:37 am

The Workout Habit

In life people encounter and destroy numerous habits; whether they are pro-healthy or high-calorie meals, we tend to nurse our habits for longer periods of time. Bad habits are hard to get rid of, and good habits are hard to get used to. Unfortunately, physical recreational workout habits are part of the latter. Here’s why …

Workout Habit

Great numbers of people want things in life to be done the quickest way possible; they prefer the fast highway rather than taking an adventures road round the mountains. Physical workout is a procedure the body needs and silently requires. In order for it to serve you well during your lifetime, not only does it need fuel (food), but it also needs driving (movements beyond the limits of walking).

The facts are real and same as before – Physical Workout produces a healthy body; it brings a healthy style of living thus creating stress-free energy and positive aura around you. There is no denying this.

It is not easy to transform your workout activates into a habit because results come gradually, not quick. The body needs time to get use to lifting heavier weights, breathing faster while running and etc. Some people give up exercising after the first 48 hours. That is because they are not devoted enough. With strict discipline and strong dedication after the first 48 hours of exercising not only will your obdy adapt gradually to its new movements, but your mind will begin embracing the workout as a habit. Once you see the first results it will be hard to let go of the workout habit. The results…

– Improved sleep

– Eating healthier food

– Resentment towards Junk Food

– Stamina increase

– Self-esteem increase

– Physical shape improvement (chiseled muscles)

– Burned calories

– Fat reduction

– Sexual activity increased and improved

– Quit smoking

… and etc.

Making the workout your habit in life will be the start of delivering from bad ones.

Now do yourself a favor, make 3 sets of pushups with as much as repetitions as you can. Now there is a start.

Workout Habit

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