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Fitness, Motivation — January 16, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Sitting too much is bad for your health!

Did you know that the number of people with everyday back problems is increasing almost daily? Did you know that around 75 % of the people today are constantly complaining of back pain? This is not a surprise considering the fact that we live in a world full of desk jobs and spending that job 100% sitting in a chair. Almost half of the day those people (the 75%) spend sitting on a chair, working on the computer and the only movement their body has is form their house to the car; form the car to the office and then vice-versa after work hours. This movement pattern is just the basic. So, how to avoid being part of that 75%?

office chair

The answer is simple – WORKOUT! The body is an organism that requires movement and physical exercise no matter how much you think you don’t need it. While sitting on a chair the almost all of the body muscles are not activated at all. With two hands typing on the computer, don’t think that the biceps and triceps are fully functional, or the abs are working on their own to get the full six-pack treatment. They are static.

No matter how hard it gets on the job, physical exercise has proved to be the best stress reliever. With physical fitness, the muscles are working the way they should; they keep the blood circulating, feed the brain with oxygen, make the heart to its rhythmic beats, and straighten your back the way it should be.

The Back is almost half of your body. People forget that when they are sitting down they form a bow with their back, which is not healthy for the spine. Spending most of the time in a bow form will gradually create back pains.

Remember to keep a straight back while sitting on a chair at the office. There are plenty of back workouts which you can do in the comfort of your home instead of visiting the gym.
Browse this web site for the back exercises and their instructions.

Have fun while exercising and remember – straight back and exercise regularly.

office chair

office chair

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