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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — August 16, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Abs Workout: Cross Body Mountain Climbers

The Cross Body Mountain Climbers workout is a ‘six pack’ hardcore exercises capable of delivering strong core muscles. It is very similar to the Spiderman pushups exercise. You don’t need any dumbbells, barbells or exercising machine; enough space on the floor for you to maneuver will be quite enough. Here is how to do it.

abs workout

Position the body on the floor with a starting push up position. But instead of placing the hands a bit wider form the chest, place them in from of your shoulders. The hips and the shoulders should be aligned.
The legs should be spread a bit wider in order to maintain body balance while performing the exercise.

Once in place, move the left leg towards the right elbow. When the leg moves in front of the abdominals it must not touch the floor. Bring back the leg to initial position and repeat the movement with the other leg. Make as much as repetitions as possible.

Be careful not to injure your waist. This is a challenging exercise so it is recommendable for the intermediates.

Remember that the effects of this exercises lies in the ability to perform more repetitions; a couple won’t do the trick. When the abdominals start to shake a little bit, they are doing their job perfectly to maintain the balance of the body. During those shaky abs repetitions the real workout is performed.

abs workout

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