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Body Building, Fitness — May 17, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Chest Workout: Standing Cable Crossover

If you really want to trigger the chest muscles after one or two #pumping” exercises, than the standing cable crossover is the exercise to do it. It isolates the chest muscles and gives the full benefit of a cable machine; the resistance cable machines are capable of giving is highly fealt in this workout. Many people fell in love with the exercise since it gives them the feeling that they are flying; also, the high pulley cable machines are stationed in front of a big mirror so the 100% of your body workout gives additional motivation and strength. Here is how to do it.

Chest Workout standing cable crossover exercise

Grab the handles from the high pulleys and position your body right in the middle of the machine, standing on an imaginary straight line between the two pulleys. This you can do easily by stretching both arms with the handles and thus sensing the weight attached to each one. If one arm has more resistance then the other, simple move a bit the other side to make the balance.

Once you are positioned in the middle of the line, move a few inches to the back and make step with one leg behind you. In this initial position, your chest should be facing the floor, but not parallel; about 45 degrees or more depending on how you want the movement to target the chest. With arms stretch, pull the cables in front of you and then return them back.

The body should maintain the initial position while the chest muscles to the cable pull. It is ok if the elbows bent a little bit, that is inevitable. But don’t bend them too much. When the arms are in front of you, the elbows should be straight. Also, when they are in front of you, position one palm on top of the other, alternating left and right on each repetition.

Make 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetition (default setting). This exercise makes a combination of a pushing movement with a stretching one. It is great for a final exercise.

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