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Fitness, Motivation — April 9, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Bringing your Mobile Phone to the Gym

There is no sense of stating the purpose of a mobile phone, everybody know what they do and what they serve for. The meaning of including a simple technology device into a workout routine is that it can be a great distraction.

No doubt you want to carry the mobile phone with you when you are in the gym; you may be needed for some urgency (god forbid). But while when you have the mobile phone in the pocket of your trainers while you are lifting a barbell bench press, imagine what will happen to your concentration when it rings. You are on the 3rd set, lifting 110 kg (possibly your new record) and then your phone rings. There is a 50-50% chance something bad will happen.

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The solution to this problem is simple; you set the mobile phone on Silent mode or just the vibrating mode. That way you won’t get distracted when you are in the middle of a set. But the distraction doesn’t end here. Every time you are in-between sets you’ll constantly check if someone has tried to reach you (boyfriend/girlfriend or friends); and when they do, you call them back. This type of pause shifts the workout routine you have set for the day. From a 30-45 minute workout it will expand to a possible hour and a half.

The disadvantage of talking on the mobile phone in-between sets is that you will probably cool of very quickly. The concentration for the next, heavier set will be misguided; instead of concentrating on lifting a heavier set, you think of the outcome of the conversation you just had.

There is absolutely no need of bringing your mobile phone with you while you are lifting weights. It’s OK to put it in the looker while you exercise, but it is not recommendable to carry it in the pocket all the time. The concentration and motivation are affected by it. Whatever it is, I’m sure it can wait half an hour; or finish the work before you go to the gym so no one will feel the need to call you for a short while.

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