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Body Building, Fitness — March 28, 2011 at 9:40 am

Abs Workout: Captain’s Chair Leg Rise

The Captain’s Chair Leg Workout is a great exercise for the lower abdominal muscles. With the help of a Captain’s Chair workout machine you stabilize every part of the body that doesn’t have any role in the exercise whatsoever.

There is no sitting on the chair, what you do is grab the two side handles so that with the under-elbow part of the arm you “float” in the air. The upper body is stabilized by pressing the back on the chair’s pad. In this position, bend the knees a little bit and lift them both towards the chest; then lower them back to initial position.

captain's chair leg rises

It is crucial that you maintain the upper body static with the help of the arms so body swinging will be avoid. This movement totally triggers the lower abdominal muscles; they contract to the fullest.

Make three sets with as much as repetitions you can. Once you reach a number around 30, stop. Abdominal muscle exercises don’t want a large number of repetitions, but want tougher challenges. So, when you conquer the exercise, lift the legs side-ways in order to triggers the side abdominal muscles. Make various the movements: on each repetition: one left, one up front, one right and etc.

captain's chair leg rises

captain's chair leg rises

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