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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — January 6, 2011 at 12:51 pm

The 100 Pushups Program

Have you ever wondered how many pushups you can do in a single set? Or have you ever considered on testing your strength in pushups? The 100 pushups program is the ultimate test and a perfect motivational tool to keep you going further in exercising.

Couple doing Push ups
100 Pushups Program

Is it possible? Yes, it definitely is. For those that haven‘t started with pushups, don’t even think that it is easy to achieve 100 pushups in a single set. Normally the number of pushups is around 25 to 40 in one set; 100 is far away and wants work to be done before it is reached.

Doing Push ups on the beach
100 Pushups Program on beach

To get you started on this exercising quest, first make a normal number of pushups in one set. The final pushup will be your starting point. Let’s say you’ve reached 10 pushups, it’s a great start. As a matter of fact, no matter the number of pushups in the first set, it is also great that you decided to go with the program. Now, do about 3 sets of pushups with the exact number of repetitions in the first set then you are done for the day.

Push ups on top of the rock
100 Pushups Program

The following day, do 1 or 2 sets of pushups and on the 3rd set increase the repetitions as much as you can. The final repetition is your best score. If you feel that increasing the repetitions is too early, then don’t increase them; it is of no good to rush into exercising just to” score more points”. Take your time as much as you need to increase the repetitions in a set. Once you feel capable of doing 3 sets of pushups with your best score from the previous day, don’t increase the number even if you feel strong enough. Let the new repetition “nest” on your strength.

Push ups – inevitable part of gym exercising
Woman 100 Pushups Program

Make notes on daily basis on how many pushups have you made. The bare image of the increased number of repetitions will pump up your motivation and keep you going further with the quest. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you to achieve those 100 pushups; what matters is that you are progressing. Every push up you take is a step closer to your objective.

Have fun and don’t think that it is not possible- It is! The human body is capable of achieving more than just 100 pushups in a single set

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  1. mastaofdizasta

    You know, once I tried to make as many pushups as I could. My training plan was: “Do not stand up”. It was about doing as much as I could at once, then rest with outstretched arm on the ground, just as You are before You make a pushup.
    In the 1st day I had over one hundred. After two weeks, one hundred was made w/o rest, and top was over three hundreds. Along with pushups I had to train my stomach because it was keeping my back straight, when arms and chest were “resting”.

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