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Body Building, Fitness, Health — December 28, 2010 at 9:57 am

Ripped Muscles in Two Weeks!!! – Myth Busted

A nice set of six-packs
six packs

You probably have read on the internet about a workout routine that it’s able to give you fast results of ripped muscles in two weeks. And probably some of you have already tried the workout program and ended up with no results at all. When tose 14 days of workout finish, you end up with no ripped muscles whatsoever, and no motivation to get you back in the gym and workout.

Pull up for great back muscles
pull up

Know this!!! Those 2 week workout programs are nothing, zero, none, empty and whatever word you choose to describe it. You have probably come across to one of the enemies of motivation with a commercial or marketing purpose. There is absolutely no chance that in two weeks you can rip those muscles to a chiseled look, no matter what type of exercises the program has. The body itself cannot withstand physical overtraining for 3 days, not to mention 14 days of full throttle training.

Biceps workout
Biceps workout

Every time when you workout, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the gym or in the park, know that the body has knows when to ask for a nap and rest. If the muscles are tired, then you are sure to get the signals of felling sleepy and exhausted.

Sexy babe with six-packs
sexy abs

Be patient when it comes to results from the gym. Normally, the body needs 3 months of good training in order to achieve proper muscle development. So there is no need to run into some workout program with a short amount of time, add a few patient points to your motivational routine and you’ll see the results in 3 months for yourself.

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