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Fitness, Motivation — December 6, 2010 at 9:04 pm

3 Mind Training Techniques

Train mind for more Pull-Up repetitions:
Mind Training Techniques

Body and Muscles are not the only ones to be trained. Power comes from strong muscles, but what powers the muscles to perform in full throttle? – The Mind. Just like muscles need exercise to stay in shape, the mind must have a personal trainer of his own, and the right and only trainer is YOU. Many researches have proven that body strength and durability comes from the mind 90%, the rest is physical. The 3 techniques that are presented in this article are already in use by many athletes; you will also notice (I’m sure of that) that some of them you have already practiced in the gym or workout facility.

Imagine in the Shadows:
Mind Training Techniques

1. See yourself in Action. While running in the park, see yourself as the toughest runner on the field; like you have just won an Olympic Gold Medal. When you are in the Gym, fell like the strongest man in the world; see yourself like a mighty warrior with powerful muscles and strong physic. The fantasies in this tip are limitless.

Focusing the Mind:
Mind Training Techniques

2. See yourself struggling to achieve. Imagine being tough and no matter what, you are determined to finish the task. This is a great way to build will and craft perseverance.

Yoga, one of the many mind training techniques:
Mind Training Techniques

3. Don’t think work couple of minutes. Just like pausing after running to bring the heartbeat in place, the mind needs its thoughtless moments for a while. At least 15 minutes a day, give yourself a time without noise, without worrying, without stress. A simple Inhale- Exhale routine and eyes closed will relax the aura around you.

These are just 3 suggestions on how to train mind and enhance body training. There are many more techniques that emerge on every physical training you take.

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