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Body Building, Fitness — November 25, 2010 at 4:57 am

Triceps Workout, Close Grip Bench Press

The Close Grip Bench Press exercise is similar to the Barbell Bench Press for Chest workout. The only difference between them is the hand grip. Here are the instructions for the workout.

Triceps Close Grip Bench Press:
Triceps Close Grip Bench Press

– Lie on the bench with a flat back. Adjust your body position so that the head should be under the barbell.
– Grab the barbell with a full palm grip (thumbs next to the forefinger, not around the barbell). The palms should be a bit closer form shoulder length position (facing your chest).
– Take the barbell off the rack and hold it high with straight arms.
– Lower the barbell to your chest, but do not touch them; then push back up and start another repetition.
– Make 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions.

Triceps Close Grip Bench Press:
Triceps Close Grip Bench Press

Start the first set with 10kg (22lb) of weight; that’s 5kg (11lb) on each side of the barbell. Increase by 5 kg on each side after every set. As you overcome the initial set weight, increase it by 5 kg. If 5 kg is too much between sets, then use 2,5 kg of weights on each side of the barbell.
Bear in mind to keep focus all the way throughout the repetitions. The progress of the exercise is easy to achieve, so, expect to increase the weights sooner then you think. The movement technique is “designed” to fully affect the triceps.

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