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Fitness, Motivation — November 18, 2010 at 5:08 am

Progress as a Motivator

There are many motivational sources to choose from. One of the best motivational source is progress. Many people working out fail to use progress in further recreational activities. What they normally do is reach a certain point in exercising, and as soon as that point is achieved, they quit. Why? – Because they think those results will last forever. Wrong!

Progress as a Motivator:
Progress as a Motivator

The thing about progress in working out is that it is reachable, no doubt, but people have a tendency to quite going to the gym when they have reached their goal (loosing weight or gaining muscle mass). The body is a vending machine that you can put coins in it whenever you want it to be fit. It is a natural “machine” that requires regular workout not only to present a great physical body, but to build a stronger, durable body capable of crushing down diseases.

Motivated by progress:
Progress as a Motivator

Progress should be your first motivator to keep going further. To see yourself in the mirror and marvel at your own workout creation should your personal motivator and an adrenalin boost to continue working out. If you have managed to craft a healthy durable body within a month, imagine what will it happen if you continue your membership in the gym for another month. The body will become more durable, stronger and physically better looking. In couple of months the athlete spirit in you will require additional workout activities. They will lead you in the park for a nice run, riding a bicycle; rowing in a river; mountain hiking; rock climbing and you name it.

Progress is the best motivator an athlete can have. Seeing is believing. See the results and judge for yourself.

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