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Body Building, Fitness, Gallery — November 10, 2010 at 1:46 pm

Fitness Babe – Paulin Nordine

Paulin Nordine is a famous fitness and bodybuilding athlete. With less then 5 years of exercising, she has well formed chiseled body of 50kg(110lb) and 158cm (5.2 feet) in hight. Her favorite muscle group is triceps and favorite workout Chins. She has made a good balance between bodybuilding and fitness. Here … see for yourself:

01.Triceps Bench Dips:
Triceps Bench Dips

Pauline's Strong Biceps

03.Cable Extension:
Cable Extension


05.Charted muscles in the shadows:
Charted muscles in the shadows

06.Dumbbell Curl:
Dumbbell Curl

07.Shoulder workout no problem:
Shoulder workout no problem

08.Pauline Nordin Handling The Barbell:
Pauline Nordin Handling The Barbell

09.Pauline Nordin:
Pauline Nordin

10.Pauline Nordin black and white:
Pauline Nordin black and white

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