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Fitness, Gallery, Health — November 17, 2010 at 10:03 am

Apple – Nutrition facts

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” The apple is a delicious fruit containing valuable nutrition that the body needs for healthier growth and develop.

Apple, Nutrition Facts:
Apple, Nutrition Facts

Apples have little calories and contain dietary fiber capable of preventing LDL cholesterol in the stomach. They are a perfect shield of the mucous membrane of the colon protecting it from toxins.

Apples are great friends with the famous Vitamin-C and Beta Carotene. Vitamin-C is the number one vitamin that the body needs to have in order to build a powerful Immunity against infections.

Apple – Nutritions:
Apple - Nutrition Facts

To help the metabolism in function properly, the apple plays its role with B-complex vitamins like thiamin, pyridoxine and riboflavin.

Blood Pressure and heart rate are also on the apple’s To-Do-List. The “List” contains the minerals phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

All and all, the apples are a number one fruit for healthier body. There is not a single nutrition fitness program that doesn’t have apples on the list. Like all fruits, the apple won’t will your stomach just to extinguish appetite, but also to do marvelous immunity construction. Here is a chart on what the apple has in store for us.

Energy 50 Kcal 2.5%
Carbohydrates 13.81 g 11%
Protein 0.26 g 0.5%
Total Fat 0.17 g 0.5%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 2.40 g 6%
Folates 3 mcg 1%
Niacin 0.091 mg 1%
Pantothenic acid 0.061 mg 1%
Pyridoxine 0.041 mg 3%
Riboflavin 0.026 mg 2%
Thiamin 0.017 mg 1%
Vitamin A 54 IU 2%
Vitamin C 4.6 mg 8%
Vitamin E 0.18 mg 1%
Vitamin K 2.2 mcg 2%
Sodium 1 mg 0%
Potassium 107 mg 2%
Calcium 6 mg 0.6%
Iron 0.12 mg 1%
Magnesium 5 mg 1%
Phosphorus 11 mg 2%
Zinc 0.04 mg 0%
Carotene-ß 27 mcg
Crypto-xanthin-ß 11 mcg
Lutein-zeaxanthin 29 mcg

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