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Mountain Hiking — October 6, 2010 at 12:00 am

Hiking Routes for Beginners

Every mountain has its own hiking routes differing in many things; some are tight, some are wider; some ascend sharp, some milder; some have more rocks then dirt and etc. Adapting to the type of route you take for the first time is quite easy; just make sure you take less hard ones.

Hiking Routes for Beginners:
Hiking Routes for Beginners

The routes beginners are advised to take have to be less challenging in ascending. The harder the route is to ascend, the harder it will be to maintain the proper tempo. A route that has mild ascending in most of the area is the perfect one. That way a beginner hiker will adapt easy to the hiking experience in the mountains. Logically, since you hike in the mountains you are bound to ascend; but don’t rush into harder terrain or you will lost the will to return to the mountains the next time. Make a notice to the experienced hikers that this is your first time in the mountains and they will pick a lighter tour. Don’t be afraid to ask that, hikers are always positive people; they will surly welcome your enthusiasm and go for your suggestion.

If in the mountains that you plan to hike, there are a couple of mild routes you can choose from, take the route that has fewer rocks on it. Since you are a beginner, also suggest this to the hikers you are going with. This is because you haven’t walk on earth for longer periods. Everything that you had before the hiking trip was urban concrete and occasional walks in the park. If you take a route with more rocks then dirt, there is a danger in twisting an ankle. Walking longer then usually is more likely that you won’t pay a complete attention to where you step to. Stepping on a side of a small rock will ruin the balance and make you fall on the ground with a twisted ankle.

There is not a single hiking group with a strict order of small breaks during the trip. So every time you feel the need to take a break, ask for it and take it. You have nothing to be ashamed for, no matter how ascending the route is.

When you take a milder ascended route, don’t forget to take your motivation and enthusiasm. After the hiking trip is over, the body itself fill ask of you to take a bit challenging route next time. The motivation and enthusiasm will increase every time you increase the level of ascending routes.

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