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It has been almost 30 years since I was born. Catholics and most of the orthodox believers celebrate the night before Christmas on 24th of December; in Macedonia that night celebration is 2 weeks later, on 6th of January – my birthday. Right before I reached my 3rd decade of living, I got married. When I wake up the morning on my 30th birthday I’ll wish for healthy years in the future to come, living long enough to tell my grandchildren all they want to know.


Short trip down Memory Lane.

Growing up in a small town in the north-east of Macedonia gave me quite a normal childhood. My parents are great folks providing me with everything they could provide. They gave (and still give) all their best to support, advise and love their child. I am “second air to the throne”; my brother is exactly two and a half years older than me, married, and has a beautiful two year old daughter.

My elementary school and high school days went pretty much normal, except for the fact that I developed a keen interest in the English language. Second Language learning in my country is often underestimated. There are plenty of schools, teachers and programs capable of giving secondary language skills, but the people often figure out the benefits of a foreign language later in age.

I love the English language: I love the way it sounds, I love the fact that it has a lot of synonyms, homonyms, idioms and synonyms; I love the way British people pronounce it, and their accent (especially the Scottish); I love the way Americans create tons of idioms and catch phrases; I love the way Ian McKellen speaks as Gandalf the Gray and Al Pachino speaking as Michael Corleone.

All this love towards the language led to paying special attention during English language classes in High School, and afterwards, enrolling at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje – Department of English Language and Literature. My graduation provided me with the status – Professor of English Language and Literature.


Sports in my life

The most famous sport in my town Vinica, Macedonia and Europe is Football (or Soccer). The least famous and interesting sport in my world is Football (or Soccer). The fact of watching at a green field for 90 minutes, waiting for at least a goal or two – very boring; my favorite sport of all time is Basketball. It is the game I play since I was 10 years old and it is the one responsible for my 187cm (6.1 feet) height. Why I find Basketball to be more interesting than soccer? – it uses both arms and legs to play (in soccer the player is not allowed to touch the ball, except the goalkeeper); basketball players have the ability to cheat gravity for few fractions of a second and make spectacular dunks and etc.

Since there were no basketball teams in my town, basketball remained as Street Ball throughout my childhood. I couldn’t go on tryouts and give my talent a shot because there was nowhere to. There was a basketball team in the next town, but it was expensive to travel everyday to practice and my height started to reach its peak right before I was 18 years old (usually, kids start basketball training when they are 10 years old). But I never gave up on basketball, I play and will play Street Ball as long as I can.

Street ball wasn’t enough. When I was 20 years old (way past puberty), I friend of mine introduced me to the Gym. Those 187 cm of height came with a price – skinny body. 20 years of age with 187 cm of height and 70 kg (154 pounds) weight. Everything was fine with my health expect for the fact that I had weak blood. So, I had to do something – hit the Gym.

The Gym and Me

Working out in the gym gave me what it needed. My height remained intact, but I cannot say the same for my weight. It took time, disciple and proper training to reach what I wanted. With the proper training and nutrition, my hands and legs got stronger, muscles started to get their shape and I met a lot of people which I would have never met outside the gym.

To my benefit, stronger bones and shaped muscles raised my self-esteem on a higher level. Once I noticed what my body was capable of lifting, I got confident in many things in my life. Stress is part of life (as normal), so I got mine transferred to the gym. All the stress created outside the gym, met its match with the barbells and dumbbells.

Lifting weights is nothing without cardio workout, so my third passion was created – jogging. Running is the best cardio workout of all time. Implementing it made my lungs purer, blood circulation faster and my heart stronger. The feeling of running in the park or the beach liberates the spirit. Relaxing is at its fullest when the music is playing on the headphones and the body throws out all the toxins by sweating.

And finally my forth passion, hiking; it seemed that lifting weights and jogging was not enough. All the mountains around my town, in Eastern Macedonia and the entire country are magnificent. The feeling of exploring what nature has beyond the hills is amassing. Clean fresh air combined with hiking is heavenly nectar for the body. Every Sunday I go on a hiking trip no matter the weather. I’m part of a small group of experienced hikers that can’t wait for Sunday to come.


Why the website….

This website is a combination of my entire workout, running and hiking. Not only does this site contain personal experience, but it also contains other. When I workout, I tend to make small conversations with other people who workout. Their exercising experience is ‘very expensive’. Learning from them brought me many successes in my workout. I learned firsthand how to rest between sets, how to improve my pull ups, how to do various types of pushups and etc.

People in the gym have stories to tell; they share their workout experience so they can learn from other people too. My Gym history is filled with years of lifting weights in 8 different gyms. Everywhere I traveled and stayed for couple of months I looked for a nearby gym and signed in a membership. Different gyms, different people, different workout routines, different experiences and different stories; all of them are combined with my secondary language skills in this web site.

My workout stories are not going to end. Everyday I search for interesting techniques and styles of exercising, healthy nutrition, and better ways to stay in shape and keep the doctor away.

Feel Free to comment below…and below other articles, so I hear your opinion about this website and write on your favorite topic! I appreciate your valuable time. Top 5 commenters will get a link on the main page to their website!

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