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Featured, Lifestyle — June 25, 2021 at 4:32 pm

5 Most Popular Holiday Destinations

What are the most popular vacation locations, and where will people be traveling later in 2021, now that international travel restrictions are starting to ease?

We choose the countries that will recover earliest and become the most popular tourist destinations

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  1. SPAIN

Spain has always been a popular vacation destination, and it is still the most popular.

Many tourists ignore Northern Spain, despite the fact that it boasts beautiful deserted beaches, rolling countryside, mountains, historic villages, and bustling cities. It’s authentic, affordable, and the cuisine is delicious.

Spain is much more than just beaches. Consider a walking vacation, a wine and gastronomy getaway, or a cycling vacation. Palma and Seville are two of the most popular city getaways.



Francophiles will never run out of new places to visit, from the Channel ports to the Mediterranean islands.

The beaches of Corsica and backroads cycling are two of our favorite vacation spots in France. You may join a luxury barge with gourmet meals, excellent wines, and excursions included if you want to crack open a few bottles, relax, and watch the countryside roll past.

You can ski on a budget or with a family specialist in the French Alps, and the mountains are also a fantastic place to visit for a summer activity vacation. In Nice, you may rent a château or simply enjoy the sun and glitz.


  1. ITALY

Travel to the beautiful towns of Rome, Florence, and Venice for a taste of la dolce vita — you can even travel to Venice on the Orient-Express for an additional dash of old-school elegance. Rent a villa with a private pool for a peaceful break in the countryside or near a beach.

The 500 kilometers of coastline that surround Puglia in the south will wow beach lovers, not to mention the classic architecture and delicious cuisine and wine. Tuscany is well-deservedly popular, but renting a villa allows you to avoid the throng.



Turkey has profited financially from its absence from the Eurozone. It still compares favorably to its western neighbors, despite inflation and the fact that it isn’t as inexpensive as it was 20 years ago. The cuisine is really excellent.

Turkey boasts some of Europe’s best beaches, many of which are still relatively unspoiled, thanks to its long Aegean shoreline. You’re also seldom far from a spectacular Roman ruin or a great mosque.

The finest little resorts to avoid the package hordes include Kalkan, Kas, Akyaka, and Dalyan. A gulet cruise is another option for exploring the coastline. Istanbul is the place to go for an adventurous short holiday.



It’s simple to understand why Portugal is a recurrent favorite with British tourists. It boasts historic cities, delicious cuisine, beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches, and nice people. It’s also an excellent deal.

The Algarve remains a strong favorite, but more people are discovering the Alentejo’s unspoiled attractions (where many Portuguese go on holiday).

The islands of Portugal are certainly worth visiting. Madeira has shed its dowdy image and now has a number of beautifully renovated quintas (historic residences) as well as five-star luxury hotels. The Azores are one of the greatest places in the world to see whales and dolphins, and they also have excellent bicycle routes. See more places to visit in Portugal.


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