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Featured, Most Popular — May 17, 2021 at 1:55 pm

Kilizma’s M.I.C.E Maker – The Booking Software That Captures Hearts


With the COVID restrictions slowly but surely getting out of our way, life going back to normal is an inevitability.

And what’s been one of the biggest downsides with COVID restrictions? -Not having the freedom to travel, or at least not safely…

With the hotels slowly but surely opening up and people being more willing to travel, a new software on the market will definitely grab the attention of all hotel owners, event organizers and travelers overall.

The M.I.C.E Maker is a software as a service – service, for hotels that are aiming to elevate their productivity to the next level by implementing a very simple to use solution for booking of any kind, by offering a platform for meetings, incentives, conventions and events.

And it’s not only hotels that can make use of this software, as it offers a special interface for professional event organizers, that helps them organize all kinds of meetings, events and everything in between with just a simple click of a button. There is a variety of selections to choose from, such as venue types, catering options etc., and the most convenient feature of all, it is programmed to create custom made PDF offers instantly, which would otherwise take hours to make by hand.

From its modern interface that is very pleasant to the eye, to the entire universe of features that it has to offer, it would be no wonder if this becomes the next “booking” in upcoming years.
















The final product is a very smooth operating system that will definitely

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