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Uncategorized — March 22, 2021 at 12:59 pm

How to meet good people on the Internet: 7 important rules

Nowadays, when stuck at home and has its home office with all commodities, it is really hard to meet somebody and enjoy life. There are 7 important rules about what to do, if you want to meet new people through the Internet.  Online dating allows you to reach a much larger number of candidates than in ordinary life. This advantage is especially true for those who are looking for a partner with similar interests.


1.   Good profile on the dating website = 50% success

Do you want to immediately weed out the seekers of easy romances and relationships without obligations? Please fill in your profile correctly. Avoid graphomania, cliché quotes, negative messages, and false intonations. Imagine that you are telling a new friend about yourself, giving her a short but honest resume on the topic of your character, hobbies, priorities in life, and some values. You don’t need to spread too much thought either – leave the details for private communication with a specific subject. Dozens of photos, especially in bikinis, are unlikely to attract men in search of a serious relationship, for example at real Seattle singles. To indicate your intentions and not waste time on unnecessary candidates, it is enough to post 2-3 portrait-type photographs: it should be interesting for a man to study you.


2.   Start a live conversation

Within 3-4 days after meeting, insist on live communication by phone. There are many pick-up artists on the Web who lure girls into other people’s photos of handsome macho men and communicate exclusively in correspondence. At any attempt to get on a “live” connection, they merge. But they actively write, luring them to their home with obvious intention. There are those who accept such rules of the game, but a serious relationship cannot be built on lies.


There are supporters of virtual flirting, and lovers of lengthy correspondence – behind this, any scenario can be hidden, except for what we need. Those who are not ready to communicate live and meet are not ready for more serious steps. In addition, you can learn a lot about a person by voice.


3.   Choose a correct positioning

Remember the main rule of online dating: you are not obliged to explain your refusal to anyone, and even more so to prove your interest in a man. 90% of applicants for communication on the very first day ask to send additional photos, and even better – in some kind of piquant attire. On the second day, they are already eager to meet, and on their territory and in the dark, they even offer to send a taxi. “Don’t you trust me?” Or: “Let’s go out of town on a weekend? My friends and I are going to my dacha. ” The rejection of such a “tempting” offer is usually followed by a violent and aggressive reaction. Block such acquaintances immediately. You have set boundaries and you have a right to expect respect. If a person is not ready to wait and presses on you, this is an alarming signal that communication should not be continued.


4.   Do not wait too long for an offline meeting (if possible)

Online communication makes sense at the stage of making acquaintances and first contacts. The correspondence has been going on for a week, you managed to find out in general terms what the partner is, heard his voice, felt mutual interest, found out your intentions – it’s time for a confrontation. Give yourself some time to exchange letters, but do not be tempted to extend this stage – if you are interested in a new acquaintance, make an appointment face-to-face as soon as possible. Long-term exchange of letters can be misleading – even if the interlocutor is extremely sincere, we inevitably begin to build an imaginary image, which for sure does not coincide with reality. It is much more productive to meet with Seattle single women you are interested in over a cup of coffee and decide whether it is worth continuing the communication.


However, do not agree to meet earlier than this date, you do not need someone who is looking for company for the evening. For someone who needs a life partner, the meeting should be long-awaited.


5.   Do not “wear” a mask and be yourself

The mask is an internal manifestation, often a defensive reaction. Try to be yourself in a meeting with a man, and not try to impress. Men like sincere, real, somewhere spontaneous girls, and not ladies with a fake image who immediately build an invisible wall between themselves and their partner. He must love you for who you are – if he falls in love with the mask, then he will fall in love with him, and you will be disappointed.


6.   Inner voice

In trying to build relationships, we often rely on reason, because according to all criteria, the candidate meets our wishlist: attractive, successful, beautifully caring, with a wonderful family. But there is one “but”. Something there is no feeling of butterflies in the stomach and an aching feeling of melancholy when parting. Don’t ignore your inner voice, it never deceives. This is your life, you need to live with this person, do not agree to be content with your “lack of feelings”, they will not make both of you happy. This man may be beautiful from all sides, but not who you were looking for. Feelings have no place for logic.


7.   Stop rushing, take things one at a time

No matter how overwhelmed by emotions, do not rush into the pool with your head. Do not rush to get closer, try to get to know each other better. Compatibility in bed is also important, but your goal is a different kind of intimacy, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. This takes time and trust in your partner. Continue to communicate in correspondence: not everyone knows how to be frank in live communication, it is easier for someone to admit something in a letter. Remember that there is an axiom in dealing with men: what is easy to get is not appreciated.




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