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Celebrities, Featured, Train body and mind — May 8, 2020 at 3:31 pm

Celebrities and Their Protection – Where do They Get the Masks From?

Just like the rest of us, the celebrities too, are trying to protect themselves. How are they protecting themselves and do they prefer to get their masks offline or online?

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid pointed out that she has bought 1000 masks, disposable gloves, and UVC sanitizers to make sure she’s as safe as possible. “These are serious times we are facing and if we don’t respond with the same level of serious prepares, we are just being irresponsible.” – she said.

“I prefer to do my shopping online. The recommendations are to stay home, there’s no need to go out, when I can have everything I need to be delivered to me.” 

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Ian Somerhalder

“I’m not taking any chances,” said Ian Somerhalder and ordered thousands of disposable gloves and masks – online. Last we found out, Ian is involved in a charity that takes donations in medical supplies and resources to give out to people who lost their jobs, are facing hard times, and whoever else needs financial help to protect themselves. 

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Simon Cowell

These days there is no way you can notice the creator and host of X-Factor without a face mask and disposable gloves. It’s reported that Simon has an online monthly subscription on masks and gloves, even though apparently, he still goes grocery shopping offline. 

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Kate Hudson

Actor Kate Hudson posted a picture of herself on Instagram sitting on a plane and appearing to wear a face mask. She added the caption: “Travel. 2020” with a flushed-face emoji. Kate Hudson is the only celebrity on this list that was spotted buying protective masks offline, but we hope that she will soon change her habits, and do the shopping online – the safest way.

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