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How to Train like in MMA London Gyms

Martial arts are something that have always attracted attention, but people have still had divided opinions about the sport. While some found it too aggressive and dangerous, others think of it as any other physical activity.

In general, mixed martial arts are a demanding sport that you can train recreationally and professionally, depending on your preferences, form, and capabilities. The world has recently found out about this type of competitive fight, and you can read here about that.

MMA training is desirable for people who want to keep the body in good physical condition. Training sessions designed for MMA fighters are quite strenuous and physically exhausting, but the results are visible after a short time.


Benefits of MMA Training


Consisting of several different martial arts, MMAs take the best from all of them. Considering that sports like boxing, wrestling, or judo activate the whole-body muscle, people dealing with excessive weight will love MMA because it is a great way to get rid of pounds.

Training for fighters is generally designed as a circular exercising, which means that each muscle group is activated. After an intense workout, the muscles remain active, and even at rest, burn calories and fat deposits.

Like any physical activity, MMA training has a positive effect on the heart. Regular MMA training contains parts from high-intensity workouts, like HIIT or Cross-Fit, so it’s not recommended for first-timers in exercising. Strenuous training requires practitioners to be in good shape to get the best result.

In addition to burning calories, MMA can also teach you to gain the ability to defend yourself in real life. With constant exercising, you’ll get courage and self-confidence and strengthens your mental health. It is one of the reasons why MMA has more and more fans all over the world.

Warming up and Stretching

Standard training for MMA fighters starts with stretching, just like any other training. What makes the difference right from the start, according to gym experts from London Fight Factory, is the way you stretch.

The first part of the training involves natural gymnastics, which is very important as it develops the muscles needed for grappling and wrestling. Maybe you won’t need these skills, but this warming up is not something you can simply do in the gym.

During warming up, you can do shadow boxing, even though you don’t train for MMA fights. Performing a variety of strikes is what you need in order to develop flexibility with your muscles. In addition, stretching this way improves specific strength and endurance.

Exercise Your Core


Punches are the basis in the martial arts. To have a robust punch, you need to strengthen your entire body. Core exercises are a great thing. There are many variations of a single workout so that you can design each training differently.

What really matters is that you commit to the whole body. Strengthening and exercising only one group of muscles, such as your arms and torso, will not bring you desirable results. That’s why it’s best to try circuit training. Don’t go too hard, because this type of exercise is effective, but also very exhausting.

Combine different types of strokes with basic workouts such as sit-ups, squats, or pushups. Don’t count repetitions, but exercise on time. Start at 15 seconds and increase the intervals gradually. Make sure you rest between exercises and after the whole session.

Drills for Coordination and Conditioning


The last part of the training is about exercises that improve movement coordination and speed. MMA fighters need it all to avoid the opponent and punch them back. Agility drills not only improve body speed but increase stride length and improve balance.

Compared to core exercises, breaks between sessions are minimal in drills. They should bring the heart rate to a certain level and keep it there for as long as possible. Also, the exercises themselves are more complicated, and most often represent the cohesion of more basic exercises; for example, jump-squats, or side-high knees, or Burpees.

Explanation of burpees find below:



You might never say that MMA can be that good for your health, but it’s actually quite beneficial. Although practicing this sport is not for everyone, training that relies on the workout of fighters is very effective and (to some extent) applicable to everyone.

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