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Uncategorized — August 1, 2019 at 2:30 pm

How to Make the Athleisure Trend Work for You This Summer

If you are looking online for fashion inspiration, then you have probably come across plenty of references to the term ‘athleisure‘. This casual style of dress is one that has been increasingly popular for streetwear over the past year or so, as well as being a practical way of dressing that can be easily modified to wear for actual sports or to the gym, or made bolder for a night out.

Athleisure as a trend is hard to define, as it isn’t just one simple thing like wearing a certain cut of pants or a particular combination of colors like many trends; it is more of a general aesthetic which you can make your own in a lot of different ways. However, one feature that we are seeing as the trend continues to gather steam, with athleisure style being flaunted as street wear during all of the major fashion weeks in 2019, is the use of high end, luxury clothing in styles one wouldn’t normally expect e.g. designer bike shorts.

Athleisure may seem like a way of dressing down, but it does actually feature high end, luxury pieces more than some other trends, with these being almost a touchstone for what is actually an athleisure look compared with what is just sportswear. The luxury twist on comfortable, sporty clothes, worn outside of their usual settings, is what makes an athleisure combo look on trend, rather than just like mundane clothes worn to go jogging in!

Here are some elements being used by fashion icons to create athleisure inspired looks, which you can use as inspiration for creating your own fun, relaxed athleisure chic.

Statement Sneakers

What other shoes would you even consider, when trying to create a cool and interesting new look using functional, sporty pieces, but sneakers? Sneakers are a huge part of the athleisure trend, but they are also one of the easiest ways to add a fashionable lift to other casual outfits, if you choose the bold styles that are currently making waves in the fashion industry. Boot style sneakers, sneakers with unusual, chunky, sculpted heels, sneakers in unusual and eye-catching finishes, such as holographic fabrics and fake snake — all of these combine the practical sense of wearing something comfortable and sporty with a high fashion twist.

If you are looking for statement sneakers to add to your wardrobe for this summer, then SSENSE stock the best sneakers on the market, including beautiful, on trend collections by Gucci, and stunning Balenciaga sneakers that can really fill the role of combining a sporty laid back feel and high-end chic.

Sports Bras as Outerwear

When you are working out, sports bras fill that strange gray area of being appropriate to wear on their own, but also being necessary as underwear under other sporty tops due to the protection they provide you while you are doing high impact training. In athleisure trends, sports bras are being worn as crop tops, in ensembles that include the kind of things you might expect, like yoga pants, jeans and bike shorts, but also with skirts and boots to create less expected looks. Naturally, you have to have quite a lot of body confidence to wear something that covers even less than a normal crop top, and so there are variations of this trend for people who don’t necessarily have the flat stomach or abs of a fitness model. For example, having the design and racerback of an eye-catching sports bra visible under a mesh top, or wearing sports bras as tops under blazers or other chic jackets.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are one of the most unexpected heroes of the athleisure trend. Once considered a rather unfashionable necessity for entrants of the Tour de France, these Lycra shorts have made a comeback and become a mainstream fashion trend, perhaps somewhat influenced by the general air of early nineties revivalism we have seen in fashion in recent seasons.

Bike shorts can be worn in effectively the same way as leggings, as they are practically the same thing, only cut above the knee, and so you can pair them up with shirts or wear them under short skirts or dresses almost as a form of hosiery. One recent trend has been pairing smart blazers over ensembles made up of sleek, monochromatic outfits of bike shorts and tops, which is a surprisingly sophisticated look when accessorized nicely and worn with confidence.

As with some of the other athleisure elements like sports bras and yoga pants, you can modify the look to suit your body, so if you don’t like the idea of wearing skin tight shorts, then you can go for the bike shorts under a skirt option, or pair them with something long and loose.

These are some of the great pieces and ideas that you could be looking to add to your wardrobe to boost your athleisure style in summer 2019!

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