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Excersise advices — December 2, 2013 at 11:21 am

Different Types of Exercise to Improve Your Shooting Skills

If you’ve been exercising your 2nd Amendment rights for a while, you probably know that there are plenty of shooting drills you can try in order to improve your performance at the firing range. You might start out using more precise targets or moving them farther away, or you could go to an outdoor range that has obstacle courses you can run through. What you might not know is that more standard exercises, those of the physical fitness variety, could also help when it comes to perfecting your stance and increasing your accuracy. In fact, there are several different types of exercise that could be beneficial when it comes to improving your shooting skills. Here are just a few possibilities that you might want to put on regular rotation.

You might want to start by considering what you can gain through sports. These activities can certainly provide you with many physical fitness benefits, and they can be a lot of fun, to boot, but you’ll also find that some can offer you the opportunity to work on your skills with a sidearm. Consider, for example, archery. Although shooting a bow and arrow is not the same as shooting a gun, the skillsets for both are somewhat similar. In both cases you have to assume a particular stance and learn how to aim so that your projectile hits the target where you want it to. And since practice makes perfect, the overlap of skills for these activities means that performing one should only help when it comes to the other.

But there are also more common sports that could show similar benefits. In truth, any sport that requires hand-eye coordination could qualify. Basketball may be especially useful when it comes to improving aim since it requires you to hone physical and mental skills needed to put the ball in the basket. In addition, it lets you work on upper body strength and coordination (thanks to dribbling, passing, and so on), both of which could be useful on the shooting range. Baseball and football could provide similar benefits, especially if you pitch or play quarterback.

However, you don’t necessary have to join a group sport in order to improve your shot. There are all kinds of solo exercise routines that can also help you to enhance your skills. For example, working on upper body strength with simple push-ups could help you to remain steady so that you’re capable of more accuracy when you shoot. And squats and lunges that strengthen your lower body should help you to remain centered and hold a firm stance in order to counteract the recoil of your weapon, perhaps making it easier to recover and shoot again, or to fire several shots in rapid succession.

Believe it or not, even yoga could contribute your ability to accurately discharge a firearm. Gun enthusiast websites like Shooting.org won’t necessarily recommend such exercises, but it makes sense when you think about it. The mind/body fusion of yoga increases not only strength and muscle tone, but it also helps you learn to focus, which can definitely improve your shooting. Although plenty of exercise routines will give you the physical fitness you crave, certain types will also provide you with the targeted conditioning that will help you to improve your skills when it comes to your favorite pastime. If shooting is what you love then here’s no reason you shouldn’t try exercises that will boost your performance at the firing range.

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