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Lifestyle — May 15, 2013 at 10:59 pm

Exercising Too Much? 5 Signs That You’re Overtraining Your Body

If you’re someone who partakes in a weekly workout regimen, that is definitely a good thing. That’s because exercising comes with all kinds of benefits. It helps to control your weight. It combats potential health issues like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And, it also boosts your mood and gives you energy throughout the day. However, as with a lot of things in life, there is such a thing as overtraining your body—of exercising so much and so hard that it proves to be counterproductive for you and your overall well-being.

Are you curious about what some of the signs are that you make being working out more than you should? If so, we’ve enclosed five of them below:

You’re in constant pain. A lot of us are so used to hearing phrases like “no pain, no gain” that we think that the more we hurt while exercising, the better off that we are. However, there is a difference between feeling a burning sensation and having muscles and joints that are always achy. Pain is oftentimes a signal to alert us to the fact that something is wrong, so definitely make sure to pay close attention when you’re feeling (a lot) of it.

You’re losing weight at a rapid pace. Initially, when regular exercise is introduced into our systems, it causes our metabolic rate to spike and that can cause us to lose weight fairly fast. But after a month or so, if you’re starting to notice that you’re losing more than a few pounds per week, you might want to speak with your doctor about it.

You’re always tired. Although sometimes you might feel a bit worn out immediately following your workout routine, the long term effects of exercise is that it increases your energy levels. So, if you’re noticing that you’re always tired, during all hours of the day, this is another flag that you may be overtraining your body.

You’re depressed. OK, here’s the thing about depression. Sometimes we think that the only way to know if we are is if we have a severe bout of it to the point where we are extremely emotional and perhaps even suicidal. The reality is that there are milder forms of depression that can lead to a lack of appetite (without the use of an appetite suppressant), insomnia and a continual melancholy mood. Sometimes working out too much can be directly attributed to these symptoms because our hormone levels are thrown off as a direct result.

You’re having constant health problems. Remember, working out is to make you better, not worse. And so, if you’re constantly having body injuries like shin splints and stress fractures or you’re even noticing that you’re catching colds or having respiratory or digestive issues on a fairly regular basis, this could be an indication that doing a lot of exercising has resulted in you having a compromised immune system. If this is the case, doing more exercise is not the remedy; taking a break, eating right and getting some much-needed rest is.

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