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Body Building — April 8, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Aleksandr Fyodorov Career

Aleksandr Fyodorov is a retired professional bodybuilder living in Russia. He competed as an amateur until 2003 when he earned his IFBB pro-card. Since then, he participated in many professional bodybuilding competitions such as the Austrian and Dutch Grand Prix. He participated in the 2003 Russian Grand Prix where he won the 3rd place. The golden medal went in the hands of Ronnie Coleman, as in the 2004 competition when Fyodorov ended second.

Aleksandr Fyodorov 01

He immediately gained publicity and he was expected to become Mr. Olympia in the future. However, he did not get any awards in the follow-up competitions because he was losing his shape. He disappointed many of his fans and his chances for becoming a famous body-builder were very small. Among the reasons for his lost shape are the changed team and his competitions out of Europe. It was obvious that the fame gained in 2003 worked against him since he trained under pressure.

Aleksandr Fyodorov 03

Aleksandr Fyodorov 04

He failed to place at the 2005 Mr. Olympia and at 2006 New York Pro. He placed 10th at the Grand Prix Austria 2006 when he ended his career due to a torn pectoral muscle.

The injury was followed by an immediate surgery. Throughout his whole professional carrier he had the support of Universal Nutrition. After the competition in 2006 he decided to take some rest and open his own gym in St. Petersburg.

Aleksandr Fyodorov 02

There are many rumors connected to his life. Newspapers wrote about his potential moving to America, which turned out to be false. His trainer was Alexander Vishnevski until 2005 when they broke their professional relationship due to disagreements.

It is 100% sure that Fyodorov trained at a cemetery because his father worked at the graveyard. There he had a private gym with 15-20 year old machines. He had the opportunity to visit many other fully-equiped gyms all around the world, but he never felt comfortable enough in any of those and thus continued training in his father`s small one.

Aleksandr Fyodorov 07

He seems to have enjoyed bodybuilding ever since he was young. Before becoming a professional bodybuilder he placed 1st in a competition for men over 80 kilograms. He won the 1998 Junior World Championship and the Junior Division of 1997 German Open Championship.

In 1999 Alex was accused of doping and disqualified at the European Championship. He was so disillusioned that he was not doing anything connected to bodybuilding until 2002 when he started to prepare for professional competitions.

Aleksandr Fyodorov 06

Competition History/Placement

2003 European Amateur Championships, Super-Heavyweight, 1st
2003 Grand Prix Russia, 3rd
2004 Grand Prix Russia, 2nd
2005 Mr. Olympia, NP
2006 New York Pro Championships, NP
2006 Grand Prix Austria, 10th

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