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Excersise advices, Health — April 27, 2013 at 11:07 pm

7 Mistakes That are Often Made Before Going to the Gym

It takes a lot of effort to start the season of sweating, so do not slow down the process by making some basic errors.

Find out what are the things that will slow down the exercise and may even injure, which will keep you completely away from going to the gym!


Although all natural, soft and composed in a way that gives your skin breathe, cotton underwear is not the best choice during exercise.

When you sweat, the fabric absorbs sweat and stays wet, which causes blisters on your feet, infection on genitals and itching in other body parts.

Instead, dress some of the material that will repel sweat from your skin and give it an opportunity to dry.

If you find it important to be in natural materials, then the best choice is merino wool.

Cotton Sportwear

Throwing at the exercise right away

It’s hard to find time to insert exercise into your day, and when you finally get to the gym you want to take as much time as possible.

However, try not to skip warming just because you do not have much time. Spend at least five minutes for warming up with a light exercise (eg. Walking) or consult with the coach what is most effective, and saves the most time.

Throwing at the exercise right away

Stretching cold muscles

Stretching cold muscles is a great way to injure the muscle. And you do not want, right?

Leave stretching after the workouts.

Stretching cold muscles

Exercising on an empty stomach

If you exercise in the morning, it is very important to eat something before you jump on the exercise or you will burn muscle instead of fat.

Exercising on an empty stomach

Eating wrong food

Apples and peanut butter can be a healthy snack, but the fiber content can cause digestive problems such as gas or the need to run to the toilet in the middle of practice. Choose snacks that are based on proteins and carbohydrates, instead something that will cause stomach problems.

peanut butter and apple sandwich

Drinking energy drinks

Caffeine may help enhance practice, but energy drinks are full of processed sugar that will raise blood sugar levels. During workouts by sweating this high sugar level will go down and you will start to lose energy.

Drink coffee or green tea instead of this.

Drinking Energy Drinks

Excessive food intake

Exercising during the lunch period is a great break in the busy day. But if you eat lunch and then go to the gym, will not only upset your stomach during exercise, but also your body will boost consuming energy from digesting the foods, sweating will not be increased and you will feel lazy.

It’s better to snack something thirty minutes before you go to the gym, and after workouts to enjoy the meal.


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