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Excersise advices — April 9, 2013 at 10:39 am

4 Healthy Steps to Regenerate Your Body

Regenerate Your Body

How can we Regenerate?

Most of us like hard and good workout. But do you feel tired after training?

Do you feel like you have no energy before the training?

Well I can show you how to regenerate your body and have more energy before, during and after training.

Never go hungry on training!

This is the most important. Guys you don’t want to go and train without a meal. Without food there is no energy and without energy there is no training. Simple as that. During the training the body wastes carbohydrates (If you train about 30-40 minutes non-stop training, after that the body will start to lose fat). Of course you can use supplements but always consult with your doctor or with your personal trainer. Always eat 2 or 3 hours before the training. This is highly recommended.

Avoid “hard” food!

If you fill your stomach with food filled with calories you will feel like a boxing bag on training, you will get tired easily and you will be exhausted after training. if you eat something that is sour, your stomach will take more time to process this food. If you eat this before training you will be sick after the training for sure.
You can consume fruits, vegetables combined with enough carbohydrates; you will get extra energy on the training.

Drink water!

This is IMPORTANT! When we sweat during training we lose toxins but we also get dehydrated. Drink your water guys. Drink your water before, during and after training. The body needs to regenerate after a hard workout.
Eat after training
This is equally important. Hard workout damages the muscle tissue, so it needs to regenerate quickly. Our body absorbs proteins 30 minutes after training, for professional athletes 1 hour after training.


You need that rest. If your training is hard, rest is highly recommended. If you need a nap, do a nap, if you need to sleep, go to sleep. Sleeping regenerates the body.

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