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Health — March 18, 2013 at 10:57 am

Top Ten Tips for Finding the Right Shoes for Healthy Feet

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Not all shoes are created equal. We purchase shoes for comfort, for functionality, for their ethical manufacturing practices and for style. More often than not, we would like shoes that represent all four of those categories. Below are ten tips for finding the right shoes:

1. Fit

Because not all feet fall within “normal proportions,” some shoes vary in width. Perhaps you have wide feet or unusually narrow feet. Brands like Keen, Adidas, and Steger make shoes in different widths for the best fit.

2. Breathability for Hot Days

Nobody likes the prospect of smelly feet. Sandals and shoes made of breathable materials like cotton canvas are ideal for summer. G=Star makes shoes of breathable denim that will light up your long summer day.
3. Ethics Behind the Shoes

Some people prefer shoes that were not made with any animal products. Faux leather shoes have the leather look without the cruel manufacturing practices. Other brands, like Toms, do a little extra for the global community by donating a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair that they sell.

4. Mind Your Heels

While heels add a beautiful dimension to the legs and to an outfit, overuse of heels when walking can have a detrimental effect on posture and foot health. Keep your best pair social mingling while wearing some flats or low heels for your commute.

5. Warmth in the Winter

Wet, cold feet can lead to discomfort at the very least and hypothermia at the worst. A fashionable pair of tall boots can complement an outfit equally as well as a pair of pumps. Styletread features the finest fashionable winter boots.
6. Support

Another technical aspect of maintaining healthy feet is investing in a pair of shoes with good support if you will be doing lots of standing or walking in them. This is particularly important if you have flat feet or high arches. Most well-constructed clogs and other wood-based shoes tend to have great arch support.

7. High Quality Heels

Many women have imagined this nightmare at least once: a single broken heel, rendering your footwear useless and your night over. Make sure your heels are of the finest quality to avoid being caught up the creek like this. Steve Madden has been one of the world’s leading designers of shoes that are good looking and built to last.

8. Platforms Offer More Comfort Than Heels

This year, platform shoes are back. We love platform shoes because they offer the extra height and leg shaping of high heels without the unhealthy pressure on targeted parts of the foot that is common with stilettos. Platform shoes are also much more comfortable, stable and easier to hoof around in: http://www.styletread.com.au/toffee-apple-red.html.

9. Healthy Feet, Healthy Wallet

When the finances are intact, it reflects on overall feelings of health and vitality. Check out Styletread’s sale section for the latest styles: http://www.styletread.com.au/sales/
10. Practicality for Life

In our busy lives, sometimes we want the option that requires the least thought–no laces to tie, no heels to balance in. Loafers are back. Just slip them on and go:http://www.styletread.com.au

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