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Health — March 21, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Five Healthy Office Habits


Working day spent in the office does not require too much physical activity, but still tire and exhaust human body.

Fulfilling daily work duties, we often forget the very important conditions of work that really can affect our productivity and quality of work performed.

It is very easy to implement those five healthy office habits, and it is important to incorporate them into our daily routine at work to make ourselves physically easier for the job, but also not bother mentally more than is necessary.

Healthy Office Habbits


blinkingSurely we are not aware of the fact that increasing the amount of time spent in the office, causes more and more often to rub our dry and irritated eyes. We can naturally moist with enough regularly blinking. By concentrating on the job and “staring” at our computer monitor, often we forget this action which is very useful for healthy and rested eyes.


HydrationThe organism does not function without water, and is widely known fact that due to lack of water we can suffer from headaches. Put it on your desktop a glass of water in your favorite cup, let you have a hand in sight and drink regularly. The body will be more than grateful.

Working body position

Working body positionProvide yourself comfortable and ergonomic chair that will allow proper posture while sitting. With correct posture, organism can cover up to 30% more oxygen and thus afford more energy during the day.

Let the fresh air to enter your office

Regardless of environmental conditions, we need often to let fresh air in our workspace. The circulation of air in the office is very important, and sometimes comes in handy as a means of awakening, if we are felling monotony at work.


walk in officeDo not allow yourself to give you a day pass without sometimes got up and walked around the office. Exit to the hallway, make a couple of steps or light exercises to improve circulation.

Author of this article is Borce Markoski owner of www.businessmediasite.com, and managing www.businesscardszone.com

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