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Diets — February 12, 2013 at 1:48 pm

Diet and Exercise myths

Diet and Exercise

You should care what you eat and be aware of how many calories you consume. Calories from fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are much healthier than the food that is processed, or the canned food.

Fat must be removed from the diet and exercise must be hard … these are just some of the myths that put in mislead most of the people. Anyone has some crazy diet that he think that is the best. Therefore the famous fitness trainer James Duigan explains the biggest myths and misleads about food and exercise.
Without pain there is no progress
Practice smart, not hard. You can choose intensive exercise, but that does not mean it should be painful. Practice with specific and real purpose – developing muscles, keeping the body shape or fat burning.
Just exercise is enough
Eighty percent of weight loss is related to diet, and only twenty percent with exercise. Food will not only affect on your weight but will determine your appearance, how you feel and think – it has a profound effect on your mind. If you drink “Coca-Cola” and eat ice cream, half an hour later will probably get “sugars attack” because you ate a large quantity of chemicals, emulsifiers and artificial flavors. If you are serious and you want to lose those extra pounds, you should reduce your intake of sugars, flour, bread and pasta because they are often incorrectly used. Alcohol should also be limited because it is a kind of caloric bomb.
Completely without fats
Fat must never fully be removed. They are needed to our body, but we must see the crucial difference between good and bad fats. Consumption of essential fatty acids, found in fish oil (salmon, mackerel), avocados, nuts and seeds, is very important for the body.
Three main meals a day, without small meals between
Fastest way to lose fat is if you eat foods that contain a lot of fiber, a little protein and if you eat more often. Celebrities who are always in great shape, eat even eight times a day, and sometimes every hour for their metabolism to work constantly.

At night, no carbohydrates
Many of us believe that in the evening will not be able to burn carbs, but it is plain myth. Carbohydrates can help you to sleep nice, so it’s good to properly schedule their input, as for example the combination of oatmeal for breakfast and brown rice for dinner.
Calories are not important, but that what you eat
This is true and false at the same time. You should watch what you eat and be aware of how many calories you consume. Calories from fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are much healthier than when food is processed.
Vegetarian diet is the healthiest
We are all different, so some of us react excellent on vegetarian diet, while to the others can cause harm to the body. Healthy vegetarians should consider themselves lucky because for most of the people eating meat is necessary in their nutrition. However, many vegetarians have lack of certain range of proteins. Helpful tip: the protein of peas and beans are rich in amino acids.
Lifting weights will make you look more bulky
Unless you lift extremely large weights, there is no other reason for this to happen. It is the best to avoid exercise like a professional bodybuilder. Instructors will make you exercise as they train themselves.
The best is morning exercise
You can practice when you want, and do not think that there is a bad or good time for exercising. Most people during the week have work duties that limits their time, so exercise in the morning is the best for those who are preparing for the start of the day. If you exercise at night, increased secretion of adrenaline can affect on your sleep. However, it does not affect on everyone, so you can select a time that is the best for you.

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