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Diets, Health, Lifestyle — January 21, 2013 at 5:55 pm

Eating Before Workout: 5 Biggest Mistakes

Excited for the new season in the gym?

The key to a great body is the energy that you need to own, but eating the wrong food can ruin your training rather than advance, so you will stagnate and will not get any success.

“Eating before workout can make you lethargic, can destroy your body system or cause cramps,” says Jim White, a spokesman for the Academy of nutrition and dietetics. “The same thing can happen if you leave your stomach empty,” he added.
So, do not destroy your cardio or weight lifting session before start.
To help you, we present the five biggest mistakes that many make. Read and try to avoid them.

Eating Before Workout

Mistake 1: Entering sugars
In the afternoon you feel like your energy drops. Therefore, your solution is a chocolate donut or something fast and unhealthy. Replace them with some healthy snack.Consider that the sugar will boost your energy and make you to finish your planned workout. In reality, the opposite happened.
It is sweet and contains refined carbohydrates which can increase your blood pressure and cause you to tear right in the middle of practice.

Mistake 2: Fast Food
You do not intended to exercise after you have eaten a hamburger, but feel like the sandwich is standing like a brick in your stomach, and desperately want to visit the gym.
But this is wrong. Meals which are containing high fat, they need a few hours to digest, which will seriously slow your body.
Whole blood is directed to your stomach to help digestion, which means it is not present in your muscles when they will be most needed.

Mistake 3: Empty stomach
Think that fasting will help you to burn even more calories? -Lie.
Only can make you feel bad during your workouts.
Hard training on an empty stomach starves your muscles and clears the glycogen – causing faster to faint. If you only take a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt, it will encourage your body to continue your workout.

Mistake 4: Energy drink
Mistake like this, is a little tricky because many studies have proven that a little caffeine before exercise can raise you and your energy. But the problem is that energy drinks also contain many sugars.
If you ever rely on them and their “forcefulness” which they give, you may be faced with difficulties in achieving results.
The high amount of caffeine in many of these drinks can really ruin your sleeping habit. And when you don’t sleep well, your workouts and your diet suffer.
Mistake 5: Cocktail of live eggs
We have all seen Rocky, U.S. champion. Every workout he starts with a cup of live eggs.
It is true that proteins help to exercise and build muscle, but there are many better ways on how to enter, and drinking despicable living eggs can cause diarrhea that causes salmonella.

Diet before training
To build muscle mass, before and after a workout the diet must contain certain nutritional ingredients. If you do not act like that, you will not achieve any muscle progress.
While your efforts in the gym will stimulate muscles, what you have eaten 60 minutes before training, it determines how much effort will be worthwhile, i.e. how will achieve towards your desired goals.
During intense training quantities of energy are consuming, so the body replenish from the glucose to complement the energy. Glucose is the process of converting sugars (Carbohydrates) into energy, so without that the muscle contraction could not be accomplished, and also will ensure power and energy for your workout.

Your meal before training should be based on protein and complex carbohydrates, and it is very important to present both macronutrients. Your meal should be taken 46-60 minutes before beginning of the workout. Also 15-30 minutes before training, you can enter simple carbohydrates (fruits, fruit juices) to ensure the body with a good source of energy.

Avoid the old habits and mistakes, and follow these diet tips before every workout, which will give you the needed energy, and also you will stay healthy while your workout season!

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