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Lifestyle, Mind Philosophy, Motivation — December 5, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Tips for Selecting Clothing That Makes You Look Taller and Thinner

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We can’t all have the body of supermodels like Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen. Even if we had the money to hire live-in chefs, personal trainers, and an army of aestheticians, beauticians, and stylists, not to mention the time to exercise and undergo daily shellacking, most of us simply aren’t genetically predisposed to the perfect bodies that these women were born to walk in.

But we can make the best of the bodies we have in order to look and feel beautiful in our own skin. Most women already do this in myriad ways, by staying fit and healthy, wearing makeup, fixing their hair, and so on.

But this begs the question: why are so many ladies out there wearing clothes that are frumpy and unflattering? The answer, in many cases, is twofold.

First, women don’t understand how their bodies change over time. And secondly, they don’t know how to find the garments that are the most form-flattering. Luckily, you can select clothes that will make you look long and lean. Here are a few tips for selecting clothing to get you started.

The first and easiest way to look taller and thinner is to wear heels. Hey, it’s the only real way to add actual height. The trick here is to find pumps that aren’t too clunky and that are comfortable enough to walk around in. For many women, pairs that feature a 0.5- to 1-inch platform in the toe are ideal. The extra padding adds cushion for the front of the foot and the extra height means that the heel can be taller without such a pronounced arch in the sole. Heels not only make you appear taller, but they force you to stand up straighter, which instantly makes you look leaner. Of course, not all women are able to wear heels on a regular basis due to their daily activities. In this case, there are several other tricks you can try.

For starters, stop buying the skintight flares that you wore in high school. There’s nothing wrong with a jean that has a little stretch, but when it’s widest at the hip and tapers towards the knee or ankle, you’re only emphasizing the features that you probably want to hide. A straight-leg, wide-leg, or even a bootcut pant is going to be far more flattering because a straight line from your hip to the floor gives the illusion of length, making you look taller and thinner despite the added volume. Just avoid anything with pleats, which can emphasize weight around the midsection. As for skirts, go with options that belt at your natural waist and feature hemlines that hit around the knee. A-line skirts tend to be the most flattering since they add to an hourglass silhouette and float away from bulges to mask common trouble areas (belly, thighs, etc.).

And when it comes to your top half, fit is important. Baggy tees and hoodies may be comfy, but they are not flattering. Just because you can find a discount available here and there doesn’t mean you should buy and wear these tent-like garments. Tops that are fitted (not clingy!) are going to make you look far leaner. But if you’re worried about hiding imperfections, structure is the key to masking them. Look for shirts that have a defined waistband right under the bust and then float slightly away from the body (and don’t forget to go for annual bra fittings to keep the girls where they belong). V-neck options will help to elongate the neckline. And add a jacket that nips in at the waist (no straight-body jackets, which can look boxy and mannish). Choose tops that hit right at the hip bone; they’ll visually even out your proportions and help to give you a long, lean line from top to bottom.

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