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Equipment — December 24, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Tips for Creating a Home Gym in a Cramped Apartment!

Home Gym
Home Gym (Photo credit: merfam)

Fitness is an important part of life. Healthy living, as any true believer can tell you, involves a lot more than simply eating well. It also involves staying active and making sure that you get plenty of exercise to balance out whatever it is you’re putting into your body as food.

Exercise is important for more than just this reason, however.

It can also help you simply feel better by more regularly releasing endorphins into your bloodstream (endorphins are naturally-occurring chemicals in your body that give you a bit of a pleasurable, euphoric feeling — the “runner’s high”), and has been shown to regulate things like your sleeping patterns and your appetite.

All in all, it’s a simple fact that when you’re working your body out and giving it the exercise that you know it wants, it simply feels better to be alive.

We don’t always have the most convenient way to exercise, however. Sometimes it can be pretty expensive or inconvenient to get a membership at a gym, and nobody really wants to feel like they have to visit a place a certain number of times within a month at the risk of not getting a return on their investment.

Not every living space is conducive to a workout station that lets you get in all the exercise you need on a regular basis, either. We’ll talk about some of the best ways to take advantage of just a little space to build yourself a great home gym.

Dumbbells are going to be your best friend if you’re setting up a home gym in a small apartment. Especially if you can find a set with interchangeable weights, you’ll be able to give yourself access to a ton of different exercise options with relatively little equipment.

The same goes for a good set of barbells, and if you can get a collapsable workout bench you’ll really be set. This will let you do bench presses, better sit ups, and a whole host of other lifts and exercises that are tough to replicate without a good bench.

Elastic bands are another great tool for the small home gym, as they give you a lot of different ways to work your body out while taking up a minimum of space. Resistance weight training is perhaps one of the best ways to work yourself out on a budget, and some good elastic bands are going to be more or less worth their weight in gold if you’re looking to integrate them into your home workout array.

Even the coolest apartments in Venice might be a little cramped and not give you all the space you had hoped for in terms of setting up your home gym. Any cramped apartment, however, can be made into a great home gym with the right strategies and some of the proper equipment. If you look hard enough, you’ll definitely be able to find some great gear to help yourself build a very effective home gym.

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