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Excersise advices, Train body and mind — December 24, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Tips for Beginning Exercise After an Accident or Injury

Supervised physical therapy may be helpful to ...
Supervised physical therapy may be helpful to overcome some symptoms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve gotten into a car or motorcycle accident recently, or sustained any other kind of significant injury, you can expect to experience a serious disruption in your exercise routine. Injuries take a serious toll on your body, and the time you spend healing will naturally weaken your muscles a bit. Getting back into an exercise regimen after an accident is not easy, but going about it the right way will help you recover, and become stronger than ever before.

Here are five tips for beginning exercise after an accident or injury:

  1. Stop Denying Your Injury
    One of the biggest obstacles to recovery for many injured people is the tendency to deny the injury. You may think that you are not so seriously hurt, or that if you can work through the pain you’ll be stronger in the end. This kind of old fashioned only works in movies about Marines and boxers, so don’t let it infect your senses. You are injured, you will need time to heal, and you can’t do everything at once.

  2. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders
    Your doctor knows a thing or two about injuries and healing processes–they don’t give people medical licenses just for looking handsome, after all. When your doctor gives you advice, take it. If he or she says that you should avoid heavy lifting for 4 weeks, don’t be bullheaded and start hitting the weight room after 10 days. If bed rest is recommended for a week following your accident, get a good book and make the most of your time. Ignoring the doctor’s orders almost always ends in a disaster.

  3. Meet With a Physical Therapist
    You have no way of knowing how deep your injuries really go. What seems like nothing more than simple bruising to you could be a more serious problem like ligament damage. In order to take the quickest road to total recovery, consult with a physical therapist. You can have your injuries evaluated and get recommendations for the best exercise routine that will get you back up to speed.

  4. Think About Your Diet
    Dietary considerations are very important in your recovery days. You could just go on eating the same foods as before, but this will make your road to wellness will be long and rough. If you’re not getting enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other important nutrients from your daily meals, your body won’t have the resources it needs to heal your injuries and recover quickly. Take some time to evaluate your diet and make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need.

  5. Take It Slow
    The process of healing after any accident is never easy, and you’re probably already thinking about how to avoid injuries in the future such as tips to avoid motorcycle accidents and all other kinds of advice. In the meantime, however, what you need to do is take it slow. Keep your exercise routine mellow until you’re fully recovered, and then gradually work your way back up to your former workouts. Trying to jump right back in where you left off will only cause more strain and injury, which is the last thing you want.

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