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Health, Lifestyle, Mind Philosophy — December 17, 2012 at 2:07 pm

5 Health Reasons to Walk or Bike Instead of Drive

All over the world, people are becoming more concerned with their health, and this is a great thing for all. The increase in sloth-like lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits has taken its toll on our populations, particularly in America where obesity levels are at an all time high. Relinquishing your car in favor of a walking or biking commute to work can have some great positive effects on your health. Here  are five reasons to walk or bike, instead of drive:
walk in park

    1. Improve Total Body Health
      The lack of physical activity in many people’s lives today is a serious health concern. Commuting to work on foot or via bicycle is one of the best ways to bring some exercise into your life every day and improve health. This is especially beneficial for those who work in largely sedentary positions–if most of your working day is spent in an office, even the lightest physical activity will be a great addition to your day.
    2. Reduce Stress and Clear Your Mind
      The stresses of daily life can be enough to lead to serious problems as well. Commuters who spend their mornings caught in traffic jams, dealing with inconsiderate and sometimes hostile drivers on the road, are starting their days on a negative note. A walking or riding commute offers a more serene alternative. Taking a few moments to clear your head in the fresh air on the commute to work can have great positive effects on your disposition, leading to elevated mood and increased productivity.

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  1. Automatically Improve Your Diet
    We all get cravings for various foods periodically, but what many people don’t know is that the body naturally craves what it needs. Unhealthy eating habits result from inactivity because the body doesn’t need as much nutrition to function when it’s not being exercised. When you start getting active, your body will start craving nutrition which naturally leads to a healthier diet and a more fit physique. If everyone knew how easy it was to get into healthy eating, they’d all be biking to work every day.
  2. Boost Your Energy Levels
    According to basic principles of physics, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. In a way, this principle applies to people as well. Daily activity has a very strong correlation with energy levels. When you are active, your body metabolizes food more efficiently, sending the nutrients you need into your brain and muscles, rather than letting them go to waste. If you start walking or biking to work, you will likely find yourself less in need of energy boosters and more ready to face the challenges of the day.
  3. Spare Your Wallet for Your Health
    Everyone knows by now that cars are expensive. Even after shopping for the best coverage rates at places like CheapCarInsurance.net, you may find yourself spending a small fortune on your car. Using your own leg power to commute to work will cut down on the expenses of gas, maintenance, and insurance all at once. The extra money can be put toward improving your health in ways such as buying organic produce and enrolling in health-centric exercise programs.

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