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Excersise advices — December 24, 2012 at 12:21 pm

5 Exercises You Can Do While You Drive

English: Small modifications depicting 2 muscl...
English: Small modifications depicting 2 muscles on the human face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many individuals spend long hours in a car, commuting to and from work in order to make a living. It can be quite nice to live near enough to your place of work that you can walk there each day, or to have access to a good public transportation system.

But not all of us have this kind of luxury, and a lot of times we have to spend endless amounts of time sitting in a car, dealing with gridlocked traffic, just to get to work and then back home again each day.

The routine can get pretty repetitive, and believe it or not it can also be pretty tough on your body. It might seem like the activity of sitting in the car a lot would produce the opposite effect, but all that time spent in the same position is pretty stressful on your muscles – this might explain how we can actually feel tired from simply driving for a few solid hours.

One of the best ways to stay feeling fresh, and alert when you have to spend a long time behind the wheel is to do one of the many quick and easy exercises that you can actually perform without leaving the driver’s seat. We’ll talk about five of the best ways of exercise you can do while you drive.

1. Core Isometric. This is probably one of the easiest of the driving exercises, and you can do it whether you’re moving or stopped. It’s super simple and only requires that you start by taking a big, deep breath. Expand your stomach as much as you can, then squeeze your abdomen as you exhale completely and pull inward. Relax, and then repeat about five times in a row for a nice little abdomen exercise.

2. Pelvic Floor Exercise. Anyone can do this — but it’s best for new mothers — to keep that pelvic floor in good shape. (Note: don’t do this one if you’ve got a full bladder.) All you have to do is contract the muscles of your pelvic floor (which is basically what you would do to interrupt urine flow), squeeze, and hold for about five seconds. Do about five repetitions for a good in-the-car workout.

3. Facial Toning. Cosmetic surgery is expensive, so you’ll be glad to learn that you can actually shave a few years off your face by giving those facial muscles a good workout while you drive. Make a really big smile, and squeeze your cheek muscles as hard as you can while you do so. Hold for about three seconds. After you’ve done this a few times, pucker your lips as though you were about to go in for a big kiss. Squeeze and hold for about three seconds. These exercises will keep your facial muscles in great shape, and have you looking a little bit younger as a result.

4. Arm Strengtheners. This is probably a good exercise for when you’re stopped at a particularly long light or have the pleasure to be sitting in completely gridlocked traffic. It’s also better if you’re alone, or if you have a very understanding passenger with you. Roll down your driver’s side window, and extend your arms straight out to either side of you. Hold them, and rotate them so that your palms are facing up, and then down. Do this at a moderate pace for about 30 seconds, then rest. This might not seem like much, but simply keeping your arms out at your side will give you a decent workout when you try and do it for long enough. This exercise is a favorite of Tyra Banks’ and is a good way to keep your arms looking nice and toned.

5. Toe Exercises. While you’re driving you don’t really get to move your legs around a whole lot, save for a couple of the same repetitive movements. If you can give your toes a good flex and curl every so often, you’ll be able to get that blood moving and circulate it back up where it belongs. You can look up these and a lot of other exercises on any useful site that will be found with a quick Google search — there’s a lot you can do to stay active and keep in shape while you drive.

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